the Name of a fictional, long-standing case, has already been described by him with the consent of the client 10 years ago.

Cm. beginning in part1.

Session 6.

Victoria: Let's hurry, I want to not only write and speak, but to do something.

Psychologist Great, let's do that. Left to find who?

Victoria: Yeah, that's the problem, normal men all married or they have someone, I to divert the man is not ready...

Psychologist And how many of Your male acquaintances that You potentially might be interested in?

Victoria (stunned): Two, but they are married.

Psychologist you Know , I went as a child to summer camp, there were all sorts of sporting events. And one thing was very strange: long jump from place, not from the run, how usually and exactly.

Victoria: Yes, this online business can not be built. Exactly the idiotic kind of: jumping.

Psychologist Good offer for a running start to take the men's 50.

Victoria: but where to get them?

Psychologist Yes, where are they found?

Victoria: of course, I'll try there school friends, the Institute,, not gain.

Psychologist: Relatives, friends of relatives and relatives of friends. And so on. Let's imagine Your day.

Victoria: Wake up, wash, eat Breakfast, going out, going to work.

Psychologist Stop.

Victoria: Neighbors?

Psychologist: the Neighbors. And car do You have? It is where? She breaks down? Who's that?

Victoria (thinking aloud): the Neighbors-Yes, we have a decent house, service managers, heads - Yes!

Psychologist to work with how many men You keep in touch?

Victoria: Live 10 people, and calls, correspondence - nemeryannom. Just as I'm asking: are they married? And so on?

Psychologist Yes, just talk friendly with some men, I hope You like someone else besides the current two.

Victoria: And if someone will like it?

Psychologist Well, well. And if you don't like, too well.

Victoria (thoughtfully): So, just to chat?

Session 7 Victoria came, were confused, scattered, however, satisfied that there was no work. Although she said that men began to see her as a woman.

For the next session he didn't come. Called in a week, said, it seems to be a problem solved, and disappeared for six months.

Session 8: It was recorded 2 times, and twice been canceled. The third time I talked to her, she was worried, didn't hurt my feelings disappeared, I said, rather intrigued. And she came with a history as old as the world. 12-15 potential man she ran into a very attractive, younger than her man from the regional branch of the Company, which is a kind of radar sense that "the girl is ripe." In General, after a month, this fun-outgoing-sexy - married! already worked in the head office in Moscow, lived in her apartment, and told her stories that my wife and longer lives, etc. etc. She lost weight, looked younger, she looked after the men, the problems started with the boss, which species to not have it, but how, the woman of his pride someone takes... Then she cried: love-can't live without him. Herself kicked out, caught in their bed with a girl from the office. The request was:

Victoria: How can I get it back? How can I make him fall in love with?

Session 9 was dedicated to the work with the Technique of Audit of men ( or relationships). This is a table where on a vertical the same mechtaete properties, more precisely the Field descriptions men: Relationship to family, Money, Sex, etc. (described in части1), and horizontally all of the men had a meaningful relationship, in Victoria there are three of them. In the cells the client puts the balls men, according to important criteria. Now, that's a wonderful lover received 5 out of 5 for sex, the rest lost even her young experiences and was in a worse position. She was puzzled and mad at me.

In General, normal work, she came back about a month when I found out that the wife of her lover just gave birth to her second. There is already up, she began to realize what it was. Then, of course, aggression, more in the form of autoaggression: "I told you I'm hopeless" and depression: "why all this? I have a child not want." At the session she went through again, somewhere to the 12th session finally brought me the list of men, which, mind you, kept all these months (and there have not weakened control), with great difficulty began again to communicate with men, strained, unnatural, like something silly.

In General, I will not weary the reader: it is this: not the iron lady, and the unhappy dove - she met a man 45 years old, IT Director of the company partners. And, wow, he also survived the betrayal of his wife, he felt something familiar in it. They had a little friends-made friends, shared Happy end. I saw her then in three years, quiet, dignified, family, mother one year old baby. I've been wondering what the list was her husband - now - thirty-eight! Long live the tediousness! But she gained online about 50 men. And the portrait that she "lamictal" almost coincided with her husband. I say: Clever!

why I wrote about her? Because this was the first successful application of this technology. Statistics I'm not driving, I will not lie. Feeling, about two-thirds of the clients she has helped, so that there customers, I did this job, when I divorced the first husband and realized that I pair man, to be alone can't and won't. But that's another story.

From a professional point of view, I applied techniques: a self-Portrait, portrait of a man of my dreams, the Audit relationship, the List for "run", and everything is simple: a couple of metaphors, active hearing. I have not described the training session was role-based training, she learned to flirt; I tried it neat emotional "push" to push to a broader emotional spectrum, for example, was another interesting moment when she felt that does not hold affiliate communication either from above or from below. I then shared my "portable" emotions that I want her hurt, something she command. She then realized that in relationships all the time competes and loses, it is angry, and good girls is so useful to be angry....

Ceyhan Elena
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