Parents want to raise a child successfully, skilled and independent.

Have to read every day books, parents say to the child.

You don't read aloud! Every time you need to get to do it! – scold the child for not wanting to read.

And did the kid see the parents for a book? If parents read the book with keen interest by discussing it.

- You this morning was exercising? – asks the parent of your child, waking up late in the morning.

- you Need to play sports, and not just sit there at the computer, the parents say the child's shoulder, not looking up from the same computer.

- Why are you not riding a Bicycle, skiing, skating? It is useful and necessary for your health, - outraged parents, accumulating excess weight.

- Teach languages! You need this in your life, now it is necessary. We money on Tutors spend, and you don't learn a foreign language - outraged parents.

- don't hang around in the phone, parents say to the child, severing for a second opinion from your phone.

the identity of the child is influenced by parents, in the image and likeness of what they absorb in their parent family.

all Children look up to parents.

Child captures and captivates the fact that the parents are doing with interest and joy.

Parental tenacity and persistence in overcoming difficulties and bringing the case started before the end encourages the child to exercise his will to finish the job and not abandon it half way.

the Child absorbs the values that exist in the family. Out of love he's copying parent values.

it is Naive to believe that lying on the couch or hanging on the phone, it is enough to say to the child: "Be better than me. Study, work, do not be lazy”.

the Behavior of parents is fixed in the memory of the child, and he will use this experience in the first place.

easier to Speak than to act. To come up with excuses not to act, even easier.

that is why preference is given to moralistic, verbose and many hours of enlightening conversations. The child gets used to it. He produced immunity to parents.

Working with children, I have observed the suitability of the child for such educational moments, and the children share with me their ways:

- I do blame the person who'll tear up a little, rubs his eyes and is silent as long as the parent does not talk. It is impossible to kill, impossible to argue, and then long delayed, it will be worse.

Educational moment ended, and the child calmly goes about their business. Respite until the next conversation.

PS it's not the amount of time spent with the child, and the quality of this time.

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