Sometimes the person feels in the "swamp" and sometimes this seems to be true if there is no movement, no desire, no vector around a toxic environment, which is not enough resource to go. For example, it happens when depression or with the fear to start something new and finish something no longer relevant.

      But most of the feeling comes from the fact that man thinks he is a little reaching. He sets the bar high result and his achievements and if the plan didn't work, upset, angry, feel like a failure, sitting in “swamp”, though in fact there are achievements, though not matching expectations.

      it happens from what the person initially did not consider itself good enough and is looking for confirmation of his “goodness” from the outside, so eager to present the achievements of people and get feedback. Once adults was evaluated according to the achievements: achieved – well done, did not happen – a poor loser. The child grows up without knowing what it was, and in this situation to see yourself without reflection of others ' mirrors is problematic. Broken contact with them allows you to feel worthy by default and go for the achievements from excitement and not from a lack of self-worth, to go with the joy of movement and anticipation of their needs, getting a rush of dopamine-the hormone of achievements, with each even small step.

      Even a complete lack of result is illusory, because the experience of mistakes in the selection of goals and ways to achieve them is important, it provides new material for further growth, internal growth, especially if the person learns to maintain itself in such moments. More often this feeling "swamp" is the main illusion that retains no right to usurp his achievements and the fear of getting stuck, becoming a loser and be rejected by significant people.

      dissatisfaction with the result adjusts to the achievements, but gives the joy of the process, the person does not allow himself to be happy from the movement for life. Escape from mishaps or gambling the way to achievements, the difference in background condition and what it will be, depends on how a person learns to be in contact with you, not with mirrors in the hands of others.

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