The illusion of beauty


We used to judge people by how they look and not delve into what they have going on inside. Look only superficially and only on the surface. But, generally, the surface is often deceptive, the visible part of the iceberg is only a very small part of the glacier. And there, in the depth is the real face of the person who is hiding behind all the trending innovations of beauty. It is the part of the person that is constantly undergoing change due to a selfish attitude and behavior it to yourself.

Beauty is a Mirage, human perception of another person. For the first time meeting someone, most of us looks around and make judgements about the whole person, based on how people dressed, and this opinion is rooted in the subconscious of the one who evaluates, and swap this view is already pretty difficult. In fact, it does not matter whether the assessed person is dressed decently or not, it's all about the taste of the beholder, it's his established notions of beauty and fashion, and on the basis of this knowledge it will evaluate. That is, You obviously can't fit under his criteria no matter who You really are, and to accept another's opinion about You he can't until You give him something not prove it, and whether it is necessary to You?

Everyone knows the saying "Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind!", another proof of the historical stereotype. Because it went from those ancient times when our ancestors clothing were distributed to the role or rank that people took in life, and depending on how you were dressed, that's how you met! So this approach migrated to the present, although, in principle, at the moment we have no such division, but there is a mindless following of fashion. Although that is the fashion is following someone else's taste, imposed the view of the beautiful, it turns out we don't wear what we like, we wear what is fashionable, you know, as they say "in trend" and after all this, we say that we have our own opinion, and we don't depend on public opinion! We are real, and is a product of public opinion and the existing age-old stereotypes.

the Special influence of beauty stereotypes vulnerable girls who are afraid and ashamed this I, without applying cosmetics, makeup became an integral part of the lives of many, causing psychological dependence. But what lies under all those layers of makeup and trendy outfits, trendy words and get-togethers, fancy gadgets and social networks, about tastes and opinions, out there somewhere, buried in all this garbage, is the spark of our existence, under the name of soul that has lost hope for a happy life, she was full of our selfishness and lies, vanity and betrayal, envy and hatred, everything that destroys our soul like rust eats metal. If only imagine would look like the soul, selfish truly a beautiful person on the outside, as if the cowering lump of flesh, dying from the cold of the surrounding reality.

good Old saying has evolved only in the application of the first part, we are not able to see the mind, because people is not checked for the beauty of our selfish consciousness. We live in the illusions that surround us, one such illusion, the illusion of beauty.

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