from somewhere in the therapy, took the myth that if I "worked out" and will change the whole world around me changed and everything in my life will automagically be good by itself. This is part of the truth, but things are not quite as many people think.

How do these expectations look like in metaphor: "I Enter all of this worked out in the subway at rush hour – and the entire male population of the metro happily gets up to give me a place." But in reality, it turns out: "Ha, as if!".

There are men that have that in the subway you need to give a place to women (or any particular category). If you fall into his category, he will concede a place. Even if you have not worked out in therapy.

But it could be that your installation "I give place to no need!!! I have no right to care!!!" too strong, and even then such a man will be forced to ignore you in spite of their installations.

There are men who have the mindset that women are to give way is not necessary, for example, because "he himself cukusic and mamusiek must take care of them". So, even if you worked out at least to the level of goddess, a place he will not concede. Well, except that for women the level of "Goddess+" can make an exception during the merge Aldebaran alpha Centauri.

There are men, which can react to yield or not to yield to the woman somehow appropriate to the situation.

whether the result of therapy that you will enter in the subway at rush hour, where there are men of the first type, and you they will give way? Possible. But not the fact. It is not the fact. Although it is not excluded.

Then what will be the result of therapy?

You firmly believe that you are entitled to your place in metro. But at the same time and will understand that no you should not. You will have enough strength and skills to walk up to someone and ask them to give you a place. You will gradually increase the sensitivity to select those who can give, not for those who can not.

If you are denied (and this, too, maybe even if you like super detailed and even if you have chosen a suitable candidate), you don't crumble from it, does not fail to insult and thought "I'm the shit, peace shit, all useless, go die in the marshes", you will be able to go through it and ask someone else.

If it turns out that your car no man is willing to give you a place (and this also may be your level of maturity is not to blame – from your maturity amount *Udaka and their distribution on the planet not much will change), you will be able to survive not taking into your account, and find some creative way out of this situation (women to ask to another car seats, etc.).

as for *Udaka (toxic people) around you. They were, are and will be. From your healing in therapy they are not healed. Although, perhaps, someone you wouldn't think so.

whether you "accept and love"? Possible. But not the fact. In principle, what you accept and love *Udaka, what's the point?

But you can kick them from your close circle and distant circle (where they inevitably will be, simply because they are in the world), you will be able to them as something not very stressful to do (though too not the fact that it will be just very easy and painless).

In your close circle you will be able to choose the appropriate people that you resonate with. But they will not be too much. Simply because they are generally smaller than those of whom we spoke above.

What will be the relationship with your partner? Much depends on the partner. Responsibility for the relationship is borne by both parties, not "only you, because you go through the treatment."

You were like two puzzle pieces that came together on the problem speakers. Form your piece of the puzzle has changed and become more healthy. So you continued to be together, his piece of the puzzle should also change accordingly. If he wants this? Possible. But not the fact.

What will happen to the money? Wallow millions from the sky? Possible. But not the fact. What will happen: you will be able to see more possibilities, and you will be these opportunities to be realized.

That is to act anyway. Something might be easy and will just happen by itself. But not all. Will be opportunities, there will be the right people. But still have to see, to do.

the Difficulty will be too. The "old" difficulties will be overcome easier, some are no longer perceived as difficulties. But will "level up" – there will be new tasks that are more difficult still. But it will be interesting.


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Ivanova Elena
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