Who has been reading me knows that I love sports and give him enough time and to master all new. The other day standing at reception I saw a new direction and imbuilding course immediately decided to visit it.

Small introduction, imbuilding is a set of exercises aimed at strengthening pelvic floor muscles. It turned out that this direction was introduced in the net schedules for a long time, but in that class, girls don't go, we were three, with one girl left the room a few minutes later, I think she just did not initially understand where they're going and what it is all about.

And the very fact that the imbuilding, just the necessary classes for women, helping to solve and prevent many problems and diseases. Almost every woman faces some challenges in the female part is either with age or after childbirth, such as prolapse of vaginal walls, incontinence, hemorrhoids, and many other troubles about which to say is not particularly accepted. After talking with the coach, she told me that most women already come with specific diagnosis, such as prolapse of the third degree, when he sent a doctor and have no options and often can not do without surgery.

let's Say in the East, these muscles special attention, talk about them, they are specially trained, largely profilaktirujut many diseases and helps a woman to open up sexually. And we often comes to what adults ladies don't even know where the vaginal muscles and how they can be managed.

Even among his clients know plenty of girls experiencing problems in this area. But in our time, so much access: I want the courses of the imbuilding technique, want of exercise, various literature on the subject, plenty of material on the Internet, look/read and easily do at home, educate in General don't want to. But our girls, as much as it was sad to realize mostly only care about the surface of things, lichiko was namulauulu, nails painted, that's good.

But there are things much more important and that much more important for health and normal functioning. So good to be ashamed of, it's time to learn to understand yourself and your body, once you have mastered this technique, in addition to the health of the female system, You will have to wait a lot of nice bonuses, one of the most important improving the quality of sexual life, and this is much more interesting than the perfect manicure:)

take Care of yourself

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