Decided to share with You the thought, the meaning of which is extremely difficult to Express a small article. I hope it turned out.

Everyone who subscribed to me and other helping professionals can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Who has big domestic problems, suffers, but does not display them "in print", i.e. not aware of the horror.
  2. Who understands a lot, but doing nothing is not ready, no resources and motivation to change the situation. A step forward for a consultation, and then 2 steps back.
  3. Who've warmed up the motor in the car and ready to do anything to become free from your problem.

the Person who gets physical or psychological injury, always together with that will stop the entire system. The body and the brain experiences a shock, they are unable to understand how again to restore balance. I call it "savicom" between the bottom and the water surface.

now to go in the recovery process of the body and mind need to sink to the bottom to make a start for the ascent. First breath of air and life can only be done after surfacing.

But the problem is to get some air must undergo the painful stage of "hitting bottom". It was her and everyone avoids injury. That is why he remains with his problem!

My goal is to bring to the bottom and help push off.

I - the guide in PAIN !

This is the most important and valuable in any process of rebirth, and without this it is impossible to obtain qualitative changes!

it is Very important that the mental recovery is much faster than physical. P. H. if some situation has descended to the level of the body, the case has gone far, and if it is a chronic disease, the recovery time is even more stretched, though not always. I had a personal record of the child's recovery. I worked with his mom on the phone 1 hour and 13 year old boy was the symptom that plagued him since birth. But with body each time it is different. Here you need patience.

This is all I have that if you do not belong to group 3 (see above) and cannot go through with this, you to me before!

the secret of your rebirth lies in a nutshell.
to learn how to live with a clean slate, you need to admit that YOU're BURNED!

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Petrenko angelina
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