Inability to control myself sometimes seen people, especially women, as a positive feature of their personality. As something that makes them bright, unique and emotional. It is perceived as increased sensitivity and a rich inner world. Initially, they do feel and Express is quite a large range of both positive and negative emotions. Here enthusiasm and admiration, longing and amorous desire, and sometimes anger. However, at later stages, the range is often narrowed in favor of irritation, anger and mental suffering. br>
When men say about this issue, it often sounds the theme of aggression, or rather the theme of the impossibility to manage it. From the side of the man looks like "man of sentiment", that is, people are not masters of their emotions, but rather emotions of their own and forced to take sometimes is not reasonable and informed decisions. br>
Why some people emotion take power over the mind and is it so bad? Not to say that it's definitely bad, because the total power of the mind over emotions, not better. We need a balance here, thoughts and emotions are called to live in harmony and to creatively complement each other. Emotions are our response to external and internal worlds in their stimuli. Our mind - how to handle this response and integrate it in experience. br>
Here are the conditions necessary for the ability to control myself:

1. Understanding the nature of emotions and their causes;

2. Inner permission to experience all emotions and feelings, there is no prohibition of them;

3. Understanding of the psychological boundaries of their personality and boundaries of another person, that is, the knowledge of where I ended and where the other begins, because it is often difficult to understand where whose emotions are actually, as people tend to share it;

4. The inner strength I to withstand the powerful affect. br>
All these abilities are formed from the moment of our birth, but over them should work in any age. Through individual and/or group psychotherapy to learn to manage your emotional state. This is important for personal peace of mind and physical health, and to maintain warm and close relationships with loved ones. Few things are as much "rocking" of love and family alliances, as a systematic outbursts of anger or tantrums. br>
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Janina Darina
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