have you ever Noticed that the sites ask this question: "How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?" and given a choice of rating scale from 0 to 10. What is it?

There are things you yourself will never know. Only the strength of the case or a tip will lead you to the secret. For example, I have a tradition: during the holidays at a bookstore near railway station to buy the book (come out of station and left along the street for 200 metres and the shop). In this store you can find such rarities that lay there with no demand for decades.

And that's where I came across a discounted book Reicheld Fred and Rob Mark "Sincere loyalty". This secret book has solved the mystery why a large firm ask the question: "How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?".

it Turns out that the KEY QUESTION in marketing. The responses measured by the index of pure loyalty.

the Answer to this question is given on a scale where the minimum score of 0 means "Strongly will not recommend under any circumstances" and a maximum of 10 points corresponds to "Definitely will recommend". Based on the collected ratings, all customers are divided into three categories:

  1. Those who put 9 or 10 points — supporters (promoters, promoters). This category of people loyal to a company or product with a probability higher than 90% will recommend a company or product to others and make repeat purchases.
  2. Those who gave the rating 7-8 points — neutral buyers (neutrals). This category of people are quite favorable to the company or product, but the likelihood that these people will be on an ongoing basis to recommend the company or product is significantly lower than the category of promoters. In addition, representatives of this category can easily prefer of the competitors in the presence of a discount or offered them the best conditions for the purchase.
  3. Those who was estimated at 0-6 points, criticism (detractor, detractors). The representatives of this category are dissatisfied with the company and hardly ever take advantage of its services.

    the Final step is the calculation of the formula for calculating NPS is as follows:

This question is embedded in the DNA of such companies as Apple and Philips. A startup selling shoes Zappos used this question for its operation and was eventually bought by Amazon for a billion $ with a tail.

This is a question for those who understand. He is devoted to the whole conference and there is even some kind of Institute(!!!) this single issue!

Companies that have a high loyalty, you earn much more than others, their shares are traded on the above exchange.

You can test this issue at the companies and to assess the approximate level of their loyalty. For example, mobile operators will have a negative index, because robbed of its subscribers (the story is not new in the United States was one one such story with AOL until its shares collapsed). So you would recommend any operator?

the only Question seems simple. Its implementation in the company's DNA is a big problem because people start tinkering with his delivery. Their salary is tied to this index, but how can it be measured? How to cover all clients? For example, if the survey is to instruct the employee at the cash register, it can selectively scan only satisfied customers and ignore angry. There is the nuances that are described in detail in the book Fred and Rob Reicheld Brand "Sincere loyalty".

in addition to the question: "How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?" can be one or more follow-up questions:

for Example, "Why did You make this assessment? Please answer as detailed as possible, and preferably give an example". Or, depending on the set points, set a particular clarifying question. For example, if the buyer put 9 or 10 points, he is encouraged to answer the question "What did You particularly like?", and for those who estimated at 0-8 points asks the question "What in Your opinion should be improved?".

the Answers are collected and requests. The loyalty increases and the company grows.

We are for our site also conducted such a survey. You can participate at the link:

we Have only a scale of 0 to 9 (technical issue)

I Recommend reading the book Fred and Rob Reicheld Brand "Sincere loyalty". This secret book!

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