The lady in black

"Depression is like the lady in black. If she came in, not drive her away, and bring to the table as a guest, and listen to what she intends to say."
K. G. Yung

How to deal with depression, if it manifests itself in the often heavy mood of pessimism and inclusive? (I'm not talking about clinical depression that can be cured only with medication).

First of all, as advised K. G. Yung, pay her the most attention, invite to the table, sit and let's talk. She so badly wants to say? Whence came they? What does he expect from you?

you Can do it through active imagination, vizualizarea depression. What will it be? For someone like this? Listen to her. Discover a mystery. She can tell (and likely misleading) you something very important, valuable, necessary. Because the pain of the soul – often, because you are something to ignore, I'm afraid someone (or something) to meet face to face.

And this is how James Hillman: "Depression , avoid which we are struggling could be a prolonged chronic reaction to what we have done with the world around us. This mourning and the mountain of lost in nature and in cities, about the destruction in our world. Partly we are in a depression in a result of emotional reaction to suffering and sorrow, the unconscious experience of the world; "they know not what they do". Here and sadness about the warped civilization places of our childhood, the disappearance from the earth of the living Islands of untouched nature. I also think that we have lost our shame. We think about our parents who shamed us when we were small, but their shame in relation to the world around us for their mistake, for the harm that he inflicted and continue to inflict, we lost. And maybe the path of revolution needs to begin to recognize your depression."

And then, after learning the truth about myself (sometimes shocking), you are not so helpless. With a psychologist or on your own can see where for so long did not dare to do that a long time ago it was time to do so.

do Not drive the depression unnecessarily. Take it as a great gift.

Paradero Olga
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