The biggest mystery of life – death. We don't know, we fear it, precisely because it did not know about it. We fear not death itself but the uncertainty and the impossibility of further changes in life if came the hour of death.

Then why, if we so frightened of it and of its obscurity to why some of us choose it willingly. In our culture there is a perception that voluntary death – this is a departure from problem solving. Didn't know how to solve it, saw no way out, got scared and ran away. Ran away from the pain, the suffering, all the hardships of life. But the one who makes the decision about death thinks otherwise, he runs, he sees it as the solution to the problem and not escape. Death in reality, this man is the coolest solution that is comprehensive and attractive.

We'll be able to understand this train of thought, if a person is terminally ill, or has undergone such physical suffering that forces them to live on it anymore. Society will not condemn him too much, rather we will simply regret. But if a man so decides on the background of the unbearable suffering of psyche, society will be more resolute in their convictions. And that the decision about death in such a situation will be considered an escape and weakness, although we know that the most terrible torments just peace.

But the most mysterious and obscure remains the decision of the person in the background, as it seems to us, lack of any problems. Like and physically healthy in life is all good, but suddenly, once and for all. And no man. We are looking for a secret illness, secret enemies, secret unhappy love or connection with the improper company. Looking for and not find. And it becomes the worst discovery for us. In our eyes there was no reason, no reason. And we have no choice but to write off all unsolved, the secret of mental illness. But we left out one most important and the most unexpected fact in this man's life. He didn't know who he is. No, the name in his passport was of course, and the age set and place of birth. Was the occupation, profession, range of interests, but who is he, why he lives, what is the meaning of his life, he still did not know. While he is all the time that – were trying to achieve something in this life, yet overcame the shortage of a different kind, he lived, but when he suddenly discovered that the satisfaction of these shortages does not lead him to the most important place of his life – he stopped. Stopped and was horrified. Has everything, though not in abundance, but not the main thing. Understanding yourself, your place in this life, of its role. No self-importance, it is expressed only through material prosperity and achievements. But she's not, she's hidden in darkness and to reach it is impossible, unthinkable. And this is the most amazing discovery in my life. I am, but I'm not. There is wealth, Hobbies, family, friends, profession, interests, they got me there. And the key question remains, what will remain, if all of a sudden disappear. And voluntary withdrawal from life is the opportunity to learn the answer to this question. Death is not a departure, it seems to output a huge act of cognition, the possibility of transformation. Because that is where beyond we believe that there is the main answer to the main question WHO am I?

And then the choice is made in favor of the latter argument.

the Paradox is that the last argument of this response most likely will not. Life is the chance, using which you can reply to this main question of life. Acquire all the answers here, there is a place for learning, growth, finding the meaning, the possibilities of self. Here, not there.

the Last argument can be considered a solution, but it bad.

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