The last letter in the alphabet

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In the near future I'm launching his own series of psychological workshops under the strange title "the Last letter in the alphabet." Why tell title post with characteristic images. But here and now — about what is — psychological workshop, and why I chose this>
Psychological workshop is a one — time group meeting, devoted to a specific topic. For example, the first meeting of my cycle — about our needs and desires. Here the leader offers the appropriate exercise that helps participants take in a given topic. Exercises can be very different: individual or group creative or cognitive, using the tools of various psychological schools, art therapy, Gestalt, symboldrama, metaphoric associative cards, bodily practices, etc. Themes and instrumental Arsenal is limited only by the imagination of the presenter. In my case, apples is not only a metaphor but also quite specific props

Also in the Studio is usually given a small lecture on the topic, briefly describing the essence of the problem under study. A combination of practical exercises and the theoretical part enables the participants to better understand how a particular mental mechanism that they have. For example, at the aforementioned meeting, I will discuss the mechanism of satisfaction of needs, is why we cannot always realize our wishes and how you can do it more efficiently. br>
in addition, you can and need to share their difficulties and experiences in the process, get the support of a psychologist and other participants. Overall, the workshop is a cross between a seminar and training. The format, which incorporates the best from its predecessors and embodies the dream of rapid therapeutic results. Here just a few hours to find the solution, or suddenly realize that not even planned. It is clear that one conversation on any topic, you will not be able to understand all difficulties in one fell swoop. Workshop is more of a small step on the path to him. But often it is this step that we need in order to choose the right direction for the near future. br>
I believe the optimal format of workshops to explore practical psychology and its opportunities to make our lives a higher quality. And since the shops is a one — time mini-groups with a low participation cost, for me it is also an opportunity to make psychotherapy available even with limited financial resources of my clients. Also in March, I plan to open a therapeutic group "To find herself" — long-term project about the study itself, search its resources, detecting their needs and acceptance of their limitations. So the cycle of workshops is a kind of threshold group where clients can meet me, see my work in person, to try to imagine my features and make a decision about the continuation of therapeutic cooperation. br>
And if quite simply, the workshops — it's incredibly resource thing for all participants of the event. This is a new experience, new impressions, new experiences and new opportunities. For me, this is a brand new page in my life, new and exciting way, where I already find a huge creative and professional resource that I want to share with you. Therefore, the cycle that allows for little time to implement some cool ideas. You can come to any one meeting, and it is possible to visit the whole cycle. Come anyway it will be interesting!

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Olga Zaretskaya
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