Not long ago, passing the training on the theme of fulfillment that doing the drill of finding himself in speech, and therefore that limiting phrase. Was a little shocked – 136 phrases!

I Propose to recall the definition:

Restriction is the action to set the allowable limit, the norm of anything, to reduce, to decrease something.

Phrase is the largest phonetic unit; part of speech, complete with intonation. The phrase has semantic and syntactic completeness connection.

And then limiting – the segment of speech is aimed at establishing limits on the reduction or decrease of something.

due To the fact that our Unconscious laid the foundations of thoughts, desires, actions, and things, in the Unconscious takes the basis of all that is subsequently reflected in the Minds. As a result, our limiting phrase taken Unconscious and handed over to them in Consciousness. It's so tricky, as most of the actions of the Unconscious that our Consciousness is not even paying attention to it.

Here, for example, the phrase wow, such harmless phrase. Let's look at it in more detail. wow it means that I don't need anything! And this is somehow not what I wanted!

Oh, how wonderful discoveries we have prepared our Unconscious!

to Work with the limiting phrases in different ways. Can offer the following exercise, I found Natasha Gasymovoy here

  1. Identify the limiting phrase


  • What is the use of this phrase (physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually)?
  • I'm all for people
  • I unselfish
  • I am good
  • I'm willing to sacrifice the people all

  • What deprives me this phrase (physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually)?

  • I constantly give to others than can use yourself.
  • I was stressed out, now I get something and I have to give to the needy.
  • I live with feeling that are not eligible for earned benefits.
  • Times I still have to give all the others, why bother to do something? It is better not to try.

In the end, I do not undertake profitable activities, refuse from earnings and just stop to see how and where I can get a profit.

I constantly give or do not take anything at all from the benefits that gives me life (relationships, work, money, gifts, etc.).

In my mind always the idea that someone will come and will have to give him his own.

  • how much from 0 to 10 it prevents me to reach the goal?

by 8 points.

  • In some cases, belief does not work, an example of
  • I can't give personal hygiene items.
  • I don't have to give their children.
  • In my house all belongs to me.
  • what I buy is mine.
  • All gifts belong to me.

  • When there? How many years, who said what, what's the story?

I was about 2 years old when my mom took my toy and gave it to my little sister. I rushed to take away, but mom said she is small and needs to share it, to give her their toys.

I was very upset and I cried for that mom scolded me, called greedy and never gave a toy. My mother was very angry with me, and I felt bad. Since I'm bad – Mama doesn't love me anymore. And here she formed my installation – to be loved, we must give to others what we have. If you left something – you are bad and you don't like.

In the future, these were supported more than once – mom, dad, grandmothers.

  • What I really afraid of? What protects me is the phrase?

When I have some kind of good, I can't freely use it, because my younger sister I should always share. If I don't share and use it myself, I'm bad and mom's going to hate me and not love.

  • If there are no beliefs, then I...

you Can have a good and use them on your own. Can enjoy them and earn money on them.

to Relieve the burden of anxiety that I will take and enjoy every moment. Feel loved and with the available benefits and not paying them the love of ourselves.

  • If I become free from this belief, what is the first step I will do?

Buy myself a beautiful purse and brag them to my sister and mother.

How amazing way our mind! Absolutely insignificant, from the perspective of an adult, an episode in the life of a child and here it is a limiting phrase in the subconscious field that can warp the perception of reality.

I am always happy in matters of the unconscious, is the wonderful effect of awareness! When I get out of our limiting phrase or something else and realize it is there, I can control this. This as an obstacle, which in the beginning was hidden and then revealed. And I get to decide how I overcome it – to bypass, to jump, to throw way, to pave the bridge and a lot of other ways!

Borodina Svetlana
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