The lovers (part 1)

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She talked a lot about the past, about his youth, about the time of University study, career... and very little about his family. She was a little over thirty, attractive, educated, in good standing in your organization, at quite high positions. But deeply unhappy. On the right the graceful phalanx of the ring finger uncertainly sat a small gold ring, every time it seemed that it here-here will fall. Ring – as a symbol of belonging, but not marriage. She has a son, but divorced for six years (what is surprising is that the engagement ring she pawned almost immediately after the divorce and made the money my first tattoo – hourglass). She's got a man (he was before marriage and during marriage... do not rush to judge!), with him, we'll call him M. she has more than 12 years – a thin gold ring, it is not its size – was given to her M. as a joke, but the joke turned first to friendship, then the love Platonic, and later in the illusion, dream. Both were single, young, impulsive, somewhat selfish and not able to concede each other, and especially to discuss and to negotiate. The history of the ring is not the size began at a time when she was 21 and he was 30 years old. She was naive and inaccessible, he was a strong, hard-headed, behind two marriages, children, and in the presence of cool cars, men's Hobbies, girls, business . This little ring became a symbol of the fact that he had entered her poetic memory, the memory, which is not so easy to erase the man, he really touched her soul, and she became his Muse, the girl who inspires, which was too special to become his wife. "Metaphors are dangerous!", - so said in his works, Milan Kundera, "Love begins in that moment when a woman fits into our poetic memory." She was the girl that he had to solve for many years.

it All started back 199... year. He and she randomly appeared in one place, she often came and hugged him from the side, it looked too bold and absurd, vulgar and brazen, he did not resist, although knew almost nothing about her, except her car and her name. She was so excited that he just took her by the hand and led him, and he wanted she took his hand and led him along...but it was clarified a decade later. But, at that time, every something I was expecting from the other, but did nothing himself. Years later, they have not forgiven each other, not talking, afraid that did not step each other...They love each other after many years, but can't be together... (this is only the beginning of the story about how people make mistakes, and then can't fix them)

Knyaz'kina Larissa
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