The man in the hat, or "the Story of a herring"


it was late autumn. br>

In the city was an amazing morning the November weather. br>

the Awesomeness of it was that autumn is definitely a success for this generally gloomy time. It was not the dirty slush and some trees were still burning the fire bright leaves. It was dry, and from the crevices of the cloudy sky to the ground periodically through the sun's rays.

the Morning was quiet, it was midweek, and this meant that a large part of the population pays the debt to the Motherland, earning career a penny.

In the streets people were not visible, only in the stores and in the yards were bustling moms with strollers, but walking, the old men with the old ladies who shop, and who, to feed the pigeons.

Closer to lunch time the streets came to life, filling the cafes of citizens escaped from the stuffy offices for lunch, and yards, in contrast, was deserted. br>

In the courtyards became quiet. Children, mothers and old gave themselves to the realm of day dream.

Yard silence, pierced only the occasional cry of a Raven, walking along the paths or the sidewalk near the garbage.

somewhere nearby, surrounding the crown paulallison trees, were busy sparrows.

They are in flocks perching on the branches and rolled so amicably to each other through the branches and down like kids with snow slides.

this is the lunch hour among the bird's hubbub seemed. br>

his Appearance he did not look like any office worker or the unemployed father or the grandfather, ran to the store for milk for the grandson.

It was a man of about 50 to view from afar, dressed in a black coat and a strange hat of the Brezhnev era. A large satchel under his arm completed the look.

Looking at it there would be no doubt that this is a party worker, if not time. It was the twenty-first century, and "party" from "office" to distinguish it was not possible, and here is a miracle!

equally strange was the behavior of men.
He nervously held the portfolio, from which protruded a paper parcel.

Passing by a small tree where the sparrows were busy, the man attracted the attention of Raven, who was slowly walking around under the tree.

it Should be noted that crows in the twenty-first century differed no less curiosity than their great-great-

and, according to eyewitnesses, the old crows were especially greedy for gold, then their relatives did not hesitate to nothing, preferring at times not metal, and paper. br>

as If the progress of human impact on living nearby the representatives of the avifauna.

Now the papers favored and mothers, and office workers, and old men with old ladies, and a contemptible little thing, who met on the tracks sometimes, dropped by someone's clumsy hand, could only attract child and not very occupied and even Raven.

in this situation it is not surprising that a parcel sticking out of the briefcase of the man in the hat, the crows just could not.

Man and without that alert, on the prowl with an eye on the sides, just got excited when I noticed that he was being watched.

In a tree sat a crow, which, seeing, a solid guy, something hiding in the depths of the suitcase, cawed and flew to a branch below and slowly step by step with the grace of a tightrope Walker advanced to its edge.

At the same time on the sidewalk under a tree jumped her tribeswoman, which is already five minutes people watched the bundle sticking out of the portfolio of the "party" and agile jumping, paved a path for luring a convolution.

When the owner of the coveted convolution realized that surround him, he finally stiffened and leaned forward and quickened the pace even more pushing the portfolio to himself.

When I approached the tree, he heard the insolent "CAW!" and saw a crow, which is no less brazen sea stared at him, clearly not planning to retreat.

Man, the audience had to shout "Shoo!" and Lope, suddenly felt that someone was something I threw in it.
really shaking his head, he saw the hat slipped something mossy and half-green, an old piece of bread.

Sensing the opponent's top guy, swearing like a true party member, began to shake the hat.

the Portfolio fell and opened, and like a Genie from the jar seemed to bundle.
the Poor, saved the hat, didn't even notice it.
Pulling his hat tighter on his head, he grabbed the briefcase and under the loud cawing rushed to the front.

Office workers, having finished his lunch, sat in the car and returned to working areas.
In the yard again mothers with children and elderly couples.

And on the sidewalk unfolded dining crow act. br>

the Production was rich. In convolution lay a whole the most that neither is the Baltic herring. br>

Two crows dragged her by the tail, over the head, pinching off tidbits, Bouncing periodically and looking around, that their prey was not too bad.

Apparently, on a par with human progressed and crows intuition, because shortly at the front, where the disappeared former owner of herring, seemed shabby old ginger cat.

He, no doubt, slowly walked over to Raven's lunch and started in on the herring.

But the crows just leave their prey could swoop tried to grab something unfortunate saladino, the cat's tail.

the patience of the cat did not last long, and grabbed the herring, for what's left of the head, he slowly, accompanied, not lagging behind Raven, dragged her to the front.

when they Reached the front, the cat disappeared into the basement through a hole in the cellar window, happily dragging a herring through the bars.

the Ravens are aware of the loss, retreated and again took their places on the tree.

And the work day continued, returning to the usual order. Everything again fell into place – and crows and people and the cat and, of course, herring, which once inside the network from the waters of the Baltic sea,

ended its journey in the stomach of the cat.

Serdyuk Alevtina
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