Life is arranged so that Man is mortal! And in the world there are different events that take human life. And these events happen all the time.

Yes, such tragedy, as in Kemerovo, should not happen, but savoring the pain that is going on in social networks – this is speculation on the grief that people experience.

The dangerous mountain?

grieving disconnected thought processes and emotions are completely taking power over man. He can not control himself and his actions. It can perform some actions" automatically, that long-familiar and familiar and needs no awareness. I think many of you experienced this and is it for you not news.

In this state, man needs support from the outside, guiding him to the exit of the shock.

But the worst thing is that at this moment very easy to manipulate. That's because he is not aware of their actions, it can be directed anywhere. And the mass hysteria that takes place now, after the tragedy in Kemerovo, just confirms this.

Alas, there are those who use such events for their own selfish purposes. In this situation, in this state, it is very difficult to separate good intentions from the vile.

Therefore, I urge you NOT to GRIEVE!

Yes, empathy is what helps us to support each other.

And it is very important to understand that to help others, we must maintain our ability to think and realize what is happening. Therefore, it is impossible to share, to dive into grief.

grief is devastating and people need support to change this state, for filling, in a state of desolation not to. This can only be done from the adoption.

Why the adoption?

adoption is love that helps people get out from grief. In the acceptance is love, which helps you not to experience this grief with him.

When we grieve, we experience their grief, each immersed in a situation that close to him, whether actual events or thoughts about what might happen to my loved ones. And it strengthens the wave of pain and grief around us, and unfortunately, did not help anyone.

that's why you need to be making. Accepting the fact that life can end at any time as my so and my family.

that is why, you need to live right now and appreciate every moment of this life!!!

that is why, you need to love your loved ones, not put off until tomorrow the love you can give them!

that is why, you need to understand what is happening and not be subject to foreign manipulation!

that is why, you need to take care of each person and to learn lessons.

What to do to get out of grief?

the First thing to do is acknowledge it, recognize it and say it out loud. Say all that you feel all the emotions that you are experiencing.

If you want to cry – cry, let your tears and take these tears as tears of release and pain relief.

If you want to scream, yell, let out their emotions!

You have to understand and realize that the transition to making can not pass without aggression. And be aware of and take the aggression in yourself, try to release it in a safe way. And screaming and beating pillows, too. And that awareness and acceptance will help you not to join in the crowds who want revenge and thirst for blood. No they are gone for sure this wouldn't from you!!!

to Thank those who have gone beyond all the happiness that they gave you is the best thing you can do for yourself and for them.

And if you can pray, pray! Pray as I can, anyone can!

And of course, ask for help, because grief is hard to handle alone!

I And my colleagues are ready to help.

With love and support,

Galina Suslin

Suslina Galina
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