There are a huge number of manipulations that are based on lack of specificity.

for Example, the employer may tell the employee that if he (the boss) will be pleased with his diligence, employee waiting for "good prospects" and "good prize". br>
All, it would seem, honestly: “You work hard, and I will reward for it”.

Honestly? Nothing of the sort, if it is not attached to the specifics of where everything is.

If such specifics signed by both parties, then there is a saying - manipulation, because:

- there is no definition of what is considered diligence (standards, criteria);

- there is no definition of what is considered the diligence, which will be satisfied by the employer (regulations, criteria, again);

- there is no specific definition of what "good prospects" expect and when if zeal went to the relevant regulations;

- there are no criteria which can expect increased financial reward and what criteria it will be calculated;

- there are no criteria, in some cases, the boss may not be very happy, "are not 100% satisfied," "not fully satisfied", and accordingly make the decision, that employee unworthy of the "good prospects";

and so on.

the Anecdote as an illustration:

90s Russia. Get in a taxi bandits.

Chief, let's go to the other end of the city.

- Guys, and that-as for my work?

- do Not be afraid, not gonna hurt!

Taxi driver brings bandits where the need, plant them,

- Guys, and money?

- What? You something beguiled.

- Well, You said - "not offend"?

- what claims? We are men of our word: we're not resentment.”

If there is no specifics if the conditions that You offer vague or does not really say, so high-risk that You're trying to remanipulate.

And if You don't specify, then You in this manipulator and blame: "After all, You are all satisfied. You did not ask questions. You have given your consent. What now claims?" And to answer You, in General, there will be nothing.

Therefore, to avoid becoming a victim of manipulation or even fraud based on nekonkretike, it is best to be “German bore”. I mean find out in detail all the details, get on to the specifics. Who print such manipulator on specifics, those cannot be manipulated. br>
Yes, it may be that You eventually will not work at all no interaction with the manipulator. Well, for example, he depicted the rage or even really get mad (because its manipulation does not pass) and “send” You away. br>
so basically You do not succeed in the end to get into the beautifully designed and so attractive for You trap, whose name "vagueness" that You have prepared the manipulator. And You are very upset?

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