-How do I now difficult, - said Valery - I look at the world without glasses idealization. Once dull and dark, when above your head there is no halo or crown!
-But now you can see the person inside, -I replied,- for example, I can be mad, this function I is also present and I get terrible mood. I am not able to stop the rain or cause the Eclipse of the sun.
-On this occasion I get annoyed I want to leave therapy. I take offense to the same to you. While you were on the podium I was not following the offense. And now, I can say that sometimes I hate you for the deception. Even knowing that "grown up", I can see you so different, I have a disappointment. Now, for me, you're not really special psychologist, such as you thousands.
-Yes, thousands, and maybe more - with a smile I replied.- I never claimed to feature. But you just "barge in" to the other extreme.
-I devalue you? - cried the girl.-It seems to me that for a long time of work go in vain. What I see in you, as you say, the average person? Hope that you are all-powerful, gone. And she gave me confidence. Now I have only me.
-I Want to congratulate you with the discovery. And if you need support in your struggles, you also have me.
Valeria sobbed and wiped tears with a napkin:
-I now connected perfect and you worthless? But, you know, I think I joined now first himself. I mean, not only kind, generous, grateful,but I'm also envious and angry?
whole person experiences the whole range of emotions from love to hatred, from envy to gratitude. Knowing this, we can adjust some points. Depends on "which wolf will you feed". All the senses have a right to be.

What will the tune from the notes? And of the seven notes of the different combinations, you will develop a melody. And you're the only composer of its melody. What is it? What her color, taste, smell, thought, mood, and hints? What filled? There are so many shades! It is so different and sometimes not predictable, joyful and life-affirming, the color of tender grass and the warm sun, smell of coffee and the morning dew, the taste of milk chocolate and the sense of trust the moment and the world, which are now woven into the sound. It is sad-sad melody, loud and anxious, frightened and angry. Sometimes it is similar to howling blizzards, the wild dancing storm dark blue - green waves of terror, a natural disaster, a hurricane with the smell of dust and death, which sweeps away everything in its path. It is very different and is born with feelings that happen to you.

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