The message of the tyrant 2


"I sit and sway. Hear your monotone voice, but it is not as if I am. The therapist can't see. Ashamed.

Trying to pull the jacket more fingers. Don't want to see the bruises on her wrists. Bangs painfully tickles my cheek. Where I know, despite all the efforts, visible abrasion.

I swing. And talking about how you beat me. Remember your first blow, and hear them say, "in the Beginning was the hurt that is inside of me, then I felt pain on my cheek. I suddenly realized – He hit me".

I'm better than all remember your first blow, and one that brought me into the office. After the first time I thought it was an accident, I was sure that just pissed you off, you're not wanted. After the last I wanted to know how to fix it. I think I said something to the therapist about what you want to make it so that you didn't hit me that I loved... But I already knew that actually want to run. I'm scared. I'm terrified. Sometimes I feel like you want to kill me. Sometimes I feel that she does not want to live. And I constantly feel fear and hatred. Self-loathing. It is mixed and bottled for me. I hate myself, you and everybody else in turn. When this feeling goes away I feel guilt and shame. Behind them comes the horror. And after the void.

I swing. Don't know quite how I got into this situation. Don't know how to get out of it.

But when you beat me last time, I realized that I need to run. I need to escape. I have a right to be happy. I have that right! You hear!

I'll do it!"

In collaboration with every woman, victim of domestic violence, which was on my consultation. Which was able to find a way out, which is looking for him now. With each that need support and assistance. With faith in the strength of each.

According to the statistics of victims of domestic violence seek help only after the 7th attack. It so happens that before the attack, they do not survive. br>
the national telephone number for women victims of domestic violence: 8 (800) 7000-600. br>
take care of yourself.
Anastasia Kalashnikova

For the publication features the work of Artist Elena Graf.

Anastasia Kalashnikova
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