The mistress of a married man. Than heart will calm down?

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She lives with illusions and hope, wants to be with him and waits for his decision. He must divorce his wife, because family love is already there, and promised many times.
it's just not let go a wife's obligations, children, circumstances. So it is necessary to wait, worry and hope. br>
But peace of mind does not occur. Time goes by, and nothing changes. In moments of despair love goes into hate. Mistress thinks, and maybe to come to their home to talk about it?
Let the wife kicked the scoundrel, traitor, villain! And then he will come to me, where else to go. Logical. br>
It's a dead end. Man well and in the family, and mistress.
From his wife, he is not going away, with his mistress to leave does not want, so it tells the right tale, causing the young lady is the hope and faith in a brighter future together. br>
finding No way out of this impasse, mistresses of married men fall into the attitude of a victim and rush to complain about life to me. Many have listened to such stories. But I in these games do not play. br>
first, while the woman insists on his sacrifice, to help her almost impossible. She wants to be a victim, to suffer, to survive, to find the culprit of all misfortunes – the wife of his lover. It's her choice. the
Sufferer need a deliverer. She's already got your living situation friends, went to all fortune tellers, every day moving furniture according to Feng Shui, nothing helps.
While it lives the hope of a miracle, the Redeemer, the role of a victim she doesn't get out. br>
second, she thinks he loves. This justifies all their stupidity, refuses to include the head and only wants to live feelings.
Any suggestion, questioning the happy future with a married man, either ignored or perceived aggression. br>
third, she lives in constant conflict with their feelings, with an eternal claim man – well, when you will already allow this? Suggestion to deal with them, is regarded as a misunderstanding.
And here I am, it is they – the lover and his wife – the cause of all experiences. br>
the Game lover, sometimes very monotonous. She says she understands, but.... And then in a circle: he does not want to divorce, the wife holds it, and you don't understand me. br>
And than heart will calm down? There are several options. br>
1. Everything will continue until the situation reaches a critical point. For example, a man thinks that a mistress is very expensive it costs all claims, demands, threats.
It will simply cease to communicate. Love will change to hate, former lovers for some time, will quarrel and break up. br>
2. Wife "accidentally" finds out what her husband was a scoundrel, and put up a divorce with division of property. the
Mistress can get a long-awaited prize, and maybe surprised to find that the man perfectly currently lives in a rented apartment and moving in together is not going.
Disappointment is not the limit, on that heart and calm down. br>
3. Nothing is going to change. He remains in the family, meets with his mistress, who suffers before retirement is waiting for a happy future together.
the Mistress is just acclimating to his position, also has many secondary benefits. For example, you can complain to her friends, get a lot of experiences, hope for the best. br>
4. Cunning and mischief. The mistress begin to sort out and implement all possible variants of bindings for married men, from divination to pregnancy. The result is unpredictable.
you Can stay with the child and without a man, on that and calm down. All the attention will be occupied with rearing, feeding, because children require care constantly.
If the child's father disappears from the life of his mistress, refuses to help, he becomes a scoundrel, unworthy the attention of the innocent victims of love for a married man. br>
5. He abandons the family begins to live with his mistress. Happiness has no limit...the first time.
And then the difficulties begin, as usual, the man discovers that his mistress has not only advantages but also disadvantages.
what she discovers not only a passionate lover, but bore, man, accustomed to the family include require to cook, clean and do other unpleasant chores.
it Happens and the outcome of the husband from his wife to his mistress, and they live in peace and harmony for the rest of my life. This also happens, write about it in feminine novels. br>
6. Mistress will just find another man. Sometimes, when it comes to the understanding that the chances of a life together no. As time goes on and age takes its toll. br>Fear to be alone becomes stronger than the vague hopes of happiness with a married man. br>
May be other options, ways of inscrutable suffering, and the desire of the offended women wider opportunities for God that can come up with, nobody knows.
But suddenly, at the time, the victim of a married man will turn my head, read an article and find yourself a better option than the heart to calm down. br>

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