a Third of our life sleeping, one third to eat, shit, laugh, and a third on the hatred of his beloved work.

Mr. Freeman

Cynical quote serves as an epigraph in a slightly rough form illustrates important enough for the person the proportion which must be followed for a happy and successful life. The main point is that for the normal human life should average 8 hours a day to devote to sleep, eight to the entertainment, hobby and leisure and 8 on duty, including educational and professional activities.

According to the recommendations of the world health organization, the duration of sleep an adult should be 7 to 9 hours. On average, out of 8, that is one third of the daily time. No one will argue with this fact, since regular lack of sleep leads to such adverse consequences as chronic stress, elevated levels of anxiety and a weakened immune system.

Next, I suggest You remember what the length of the working day is considered the most optimal and enshrined in law. Usually it is 8 hours per day, work schedule 5/2. Since such calculations are still 16 hours on the weekend, which should be working, so that the proportion was correct. But nobody canceled the household chores such as cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and personal hygiene and the way to work/from work.

Thus, we are left with an average of 8 hours per day and, respectively, 56 hours a week that gives pleasure - a hobby, entertainment and self-education. But as often occurs the illusion that this free time, not at all. Then you should think about two questions:

1. Not stealing if You time yourself using it for other purposes?

2. Do you know how to relax right? (the ability to relax will be a separate article)

However, there is another important point that is worth mentioning. There are people for whom work, or at least most of it a pleasure, rather than a depressing obligation. As he said in his time Confucius: "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life". That is, if you want, we can steal another 4-8 hours of daily happiness.

it Turns out that to create a 100% harmonious and happy life is quite real for everyone. Not so much we need to do this: good sleep, interesting job, interesting Hobbies and a quality vacation.

Alexey Ovchinnikov
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