The money in the family or someone who should?


the Topic of money in a pair of sharp and charged. Often faced with such a request in the office today, let's talk about it!

Family — is a small state, where there is a struggle for power and, of course, Finance. This is almost the most important subject which we need to agree on the beach. If the family does not discuss money, the pair is doomed to conflict and misunderstanding.
Options for quarrels weight:

why did You spent all the money from my card?! It was to me a new fishing rod.

why not buy laminate flooring in the hallway, and squandered the money on camera?!

Now it's your turn to buy the groceries and you're taking money from me.

And I don't give gifts, you do something too?

And this is only part of the conflict. A lot of options!

So, back to the topic of the post - “who to whom that should?”. I voiced my view on things. And Yes, it is subjective :)

the family has a common budget, as well as personal space for each:

1) the Total budget is expenses that relate to both products, leisure, child and so on. And there's a couple agrees who is responsible for what. For example, she lays the RFP on vacation, and it covers daily needs of the family. Most importantly, the agreement was clear and unambiguous. 

2) Space for each - those fishing rods, cameras, and personal expenditure.
Why I think everyone should have their spending? Yes, because it's about intimacy and personal space. And also about security in some sense. I invest in yourself and your needs, and therefore do not dissolve in each other. Well, as sad as it may sound... guarantees, sorry, no no, and a financial cushion can make life easier.

At last it is important to add that in strong unions, the rules can change depending on circumstances. For example, the wife fired, and then the woman takes the part of the cost themselves, and this is a normal situation. Happy family is a flexible family that can deal with changing circumstances. 

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