The motive of self-development

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the Desire for self-development, self-improvement is an important motive, which can include at the various stages of other motives. The motive of self-development motivates the individual to work hard and develop. According to Maslow, self-development – the pursuit of the full realization of their abilities and the desire to feel their competence.

As a rule, moving forward always requires a certain courage. People often clings to the past, for their achievements of peace and stability. The fear of risk and uncertainty holding him back on the path of self-development.

Thus, people are often like "torn between the desire to move forward and the desire to preserve security and stability". On the one hand, he seeks for something new, and on the other hand it is a fear of danger and the unknown. The desire to avoid the risk of holding back his progress.

In connection with this parable: "having Created Man, God brought him first to the clam and showed how she lives. Oyster whole day absorbed sea water and spit, collecting small plankton for their food. She didn't expect anything, and do not move. Then God showed Man, of an eagle, which all day circling high in the sky in search of food for themselves and their Chicks. After God told the Man: "Choose yourself".

Maslow argued that development occurs when the next step forward objectively brings more joy, more inner satisfaction than the previous acquisition, and victory, which have become something normal and even tired.

Self-development, moving forward often accompanied by intrapersonal conflict, but not violence on themselves. Moving forward is the joy of getting a new and pleasant sensations and impressions.

When it turns out to actualize the human motive of self-development, increased strength aimed at enhancing activities. People are becoming more interested in new information used for further development.

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