The mountain.

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the Mountain.

When a person loses someone close to him, he feels pain. The intensity of this pain depends on the relationship that had been dead-dead. The deeper and closer the relationship, the pain more intense.

what determines the duration of the pain and what determines a jam at one stage or another of grief?
Why people hang in their pain?
Why not choose to live different own life?
Why is it so hard to take close care of your life?
Maybe because we are not taught to listen to yourself, to your inner world? the
In fact, relationships with family and friends: It's either mirroring our qualities, i.e., we see yourself in it, something that we realize or is it the addition, i.e. we see something we are not aware of. It turns out that with the loss of a loved leaves a Mirror of those qualities which we ourselves are conscious or not.

the Shamans say that in this situation there is a loss of particles soul. And then what does the Shaman in this situation? Correctly, works with the return of lost parts. As if it responded psychoanalysts? They'd begun to talk about introjected and transfers. We move to another that is within us – interacti. But if it is within us, it is anywhere from us not going away, just displaced. The loss of a loved one and the associated mental pain, it's not loss body, the loss of parts of the soul. Our soul. So it can be returned. Themselves or with assistance, but it is possible.

Maybe easier to start a return through vospominaniia, through gratitude, and there, and Love with acceptance. "You were in my life! And you remain as part of me!"At the level of the soul no one's going anywhere. And even becoming even closer than before. Because before this piece was separately from our us in the form of a projection, and now he's inside our psyche. We it back. And as with any introcom we can communicate with him, to consult, and even if you want to argue ) Our mental life becomes richer. We acquire new qualities, which it seemed that he had found in the loved one. We become more interesting, brighter, richer, and in the manifested external world. We know ourselves!

We know ourselves and in the moment of grief is how we respond to this? What happens to us in this moment? We fall into regression, we are defenceless, we are looking for support outside of yourself? Or we have enough wisdom to realize what was happening. Us enough power to take the pain, not izbegat her.

Comes in the following way: grief for a lost loved person can be compared to cold mountain a wide stream which we must move. And there are several options: you can sawsi teeth, looking ahead, going to go through the Creek as he was wide and was not spilled. Even if it is not visible owing to fog or the breadth of the spill the other shore. But there is an inner knowing that this Creek is the other side, and means to move it. This pain is temporary. But she accepted and lived. And through the stream there is no guarantee that this burning cold pain not be repeated. If you are in the mountains, streams will be many, and the higher you climb the mountain, the water is colder, and the streams more and more. Than closer we come to self-realization, the more likely to be losses. Getting used to the searing cold does not occur. But there comes a experience in the form of wisdom and Knowledge that streams can pass. The transition can be prepared and not to sunaryati into it with your eyes closed.

Why is the mountain with the jam consider the example of the same streams and overcoming them. Denial is when you see the stream, but do not enter into it, and can only go along it. There is no turning back. There is a way forward or along. But the path along the Creek is a jam in one scene. It's a frozen sleep. Yes, the feet is not cold, but the plot around all the time is the same. Nothing changes, nothing happens. No pain is felt, but there is no life. But close, which grieves the soul is with us, here it is in the form of a stream flowing nearby, rustling the leaves around its fluidity stones. You can talk to him. He lives parallel with our life, not our crossing. In fact, any crossing – it will be scalding cold, reminiscent of Death breath.

If you entered the Creek, and the edges are not visible and you can be a masochist to constantly go in the Creek. "It always hurts". This is reminiscent of the motto: "Life Is Pain!"Yes, I feel burning pain, feet freezing cold, accumulated fatigue, inability to relax, disease, samouskorenie. It's not allowing yourself to be happy. This self-sacrifice to for whom the mountain. The picture is somewhat different than in the previous case. A parallel with lost loved ones. That's life in absorbing the mountain, killing all life. Quit the pity party (of a stream) is perceived as a betrayal. How long a warm, living person, can forget about yourself? Life Is A Struggle?

You have experienced the loss of a loved one? Where are you now? Have you seen cold mountain stream that you have to go? Are you ready to join the icy water and to overcome the obstacle? Are you ready to starting is to overcome, to finish it to the end, not delaying the process in self-sacrifice and not giving up? Because there is such an option... I feel so bad, so painful, that I'm ready to go with the lost loved ones and sleep in the icy water, and not starting to live your own life.

there is Always a choice and nobody except us will not make it. Sometimes there are people who are willing to help, to support. But there are times when it is not. There is only man and his obstacles. And who knows why this obstacle put in the way. The answer to this question can only be lived and overcome what has been prepared. Make the Call of the spirit and is worthy to pass it.

Irina Vladimirovna
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