The nature of a woman to KNOW


the Nature of a woman to KNOW. br>
This knowledge is not intellectual, not logic and not knowledge.
If the woman has thought, "Oh, I don't know what to do," further reflections, and what to do is the surest sign that she has lost touch with its nature. Of course, any of us could be in a situation where it is unclear where and how to move. But what happens if the contact with its essence preserved: the energy of the women you can show her the way. This energy is like water, it will find the direction to proceed, a crack to seep through.
Unless, of course, the river women's lives are not littered with heavy stones the opinions of others, instilled a sense of worthlessness and powerlessness, of raw old wounds and grievances. Then the water will go under the earth, leaving woman's soul withered, thirsty and de-energized. br>
nowadays, loss women contact with its nature has acquired epidemic proportions. Because of this, there are many kinds of experts, compensating the loss of women's ability to know the experts how to give birth and how to eat, how to educate and how to treat children, how to charm a man and his pleasure...

This is only the most utilitarian area where holistic woman KNOWS without any experts. There are many subtle, less visible and less utilitarian areas, which also required contact with knowledge. For example, how to survive crises and age transitions. How to act in circumstances of uncertainty. How to make the right choices. And none of the algorithms are not spelled out, because any algorithm is frozen knowledge, and women's ability to know she was alive, she always exists in a particular moment in specific circumstances, work for certain women. This does not mean that we can't create plans and strategies, that is, to act in a masculine way. But this method does not replace the fine tuning at the moment, the out-of-body hearing, which the woman picks up clues from the world and from your Soul. br>
I Believe that this ability lies at the basis of the famous "female logic" to which men experience contradictory feelings. Not on linear logic and analysis builds women's knowledge. br>
Loss of energy, deeper life routine, confusion, dissatisfaction with themselves and their life situation, feeling that you are using - this is an incomplete list of signs that the woman had some time ago refused his internal ear, from its ability to know and to follow his knowledge. For some time it is in life not her own Soul, but something else. br>
What? the
Different. the
Expectations of others. Family and ancestral programs firmly entrenched in the unconscious. The opinion of the husband, girlfriends, fashion blogger. The standards of "femininity", "true femininity" and "harmonious femininity."
so who knows what else can lead us out of the way. br>
whatever it is, you can always Wake up and come back. To return to myself. Set yourself up as a great divine musical instrument, own a tuning fork. With its unique tuning fork, one designed only for you. br>
This we will do at the seminar Inflorescence on September 22.
Join us. br>

Love Kolchanova
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