The nature of anger and the three ways of dealing with it.

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Naumi Campbell, considered the most aggressive model of the twentieth century. The flash of anger on her so often that her Director does not have time to pay for her fines to the Treasury.
Where the nature of anger, is impossible to curb it? br>
Anger is an emotion, and the emotion arises as a reaction to a stimulus. Why the same situation cause different people, different emotions? br>
first, of course you want to start with our temperaments. All people are divided into 4 types such as:
Choleric is usually very active, impulsive individuals with a high threshold of irritability. They can catch fire like a match and just as quickly vanishing. They are great leaders. As a rule, intelligent and occupy leading positions.
Often these people are prone to excessive gestures and mood swings. The best implement in such professions as: builders, producers and Directors.

Sanguine are cheerful and optimistic people. Very active and agile, but not a dictator, as choleric. Sanguine can literally lead the crowd, as they are wonderful speakers. Sometimes, however, not many surface. The best implement in such professions as actors, lecturers and the sellers.

Phlegmatic - people who carefully think through every step, even-keeled people. These people do not go directly to the contact they need time to look closely. Sudden changes in the external environment are transferred is difficult, so they generally are conservatives. The laborious and diligent, they have good memory and they can memorize large amount of information. The best implement in such occupations as: accountant, diplomats, teachers and technology.

Melancholic - usually pessimistic to the world, often feel sorry for myself. They are often difficult to arrange his life. Emotionally unstable, indecisive, not confident in yourself and in your abilities. The best implement in such professions as professors, inventors, artists, musicians and philosophers. br>
From the nature of the psyche depends on our attitude and expression of anger, someone exposed to more and someone less. br>
secondly, social and family scenario. Simply put education and the external world in which we live.
In some families it is accepted to speak in a raised voice, while in others, it is considered not valid. Of course, if you are accustomed from childhood to speak up and raise your voice letting the anger go, you in adult life will be harder to give it up. br>
Anger is a big energy flow and keep it very hard. Moreover, if ingested or quenching, it is possible to earn a psychological disease which will soon affect your physical condition. Let "steam" a must, it remains to understand how anger can be translated into constructive. br>
3 ways to deal with anger:

1) Physical activity - people who play sport are happier, those who are not engaged in them. First the hormone endorphin (the hormone of happiness), and secondly physical activity naturally leads to fatigue, and thus lowering the emotional background. You can do as an aggressive sport (Boxing, running, wrestling, snowboarding), and a calm such as yoga and Pilates.
Never do what you don't like it. What people would you not recommend, just listen to yourself.

2) a Positive attitude. Try to think in a positive way. There's a magic word "For". To where, is going, always add the magic word "at". Always out of any situation learn to find the positive moments. br>
3) Respiratory equipment.
the Most important thing that you must understand in sedative techniques is that exhalation is always longer than the breath in twice. For example: inhale at the expense of 4 seconds, and exhale for account of 8 seconds.
Breathe better belly, imagine it in your belly ball, imagine how it inflates and descends. Ten of these approaches will help to calm the nervous system and reduce the scale of aggression at times. br>
Enjoy positive emotions, don't waste your life on bitterness and anger.

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