The nature of dreams

was Ever in your life recurring dreams? Special, not coming from the head? It may be nightmares? Or maybe you are sure that you never dream? Then this series is for you. Come and get it)

Today, a bit of theory, it will help to understand the nature of sleep, and in the following article will be of practical recommendations. br>
If you imagine the psyche as an iceberg, then the consciousness will be its visible part, but the unconscious is the biggest part of the iceberg. How to feel the presence of the unconscious? In life often there are situations when we do something unconsciously, for example, was conceived and passed an intersection, or suddenly remembered a long-forgotten situation, or unexpectedly snapped at a loved one. All this greetings from the unconscious. We say that personality is consistent and harmonious, when the mind acts in harmony with the subconscious.

How to get in contact with this gigantic part of yourself? Another Freud said that "dreaming is the Royal road to the unconscious". Through dreams have a unique opportunity to "hear" the subconscious mind. Available to human language, and it communicates with us through dreamlike images. br>
And now a few important points that should be borne in mind:

- a Key point of working with dreams: ALL characters and images of dreams - is YOU. The characters reflect different parts of the soul, and the place of sleep - your inner space.

- kills the Final interpretation of the dream. Once you have decided that the dream doesn't exist anymore, it loses its effect. You do not think about it, but in vain. Some dreams, OK some of the time "keep in mind". None of the treatment cannot be exhaustive, since the image of sleep can accommodate a huge range of values, including the opposite. And don't be surprised if in a month/year have suddenly realized that the dream was just about nothing! br>
- on the one hand, the other person is easier to understand your sleep patterns, to identify the main storyline to make a complete picture. BUT! no matter how wonderful was not a specialist, most of the work with the sleep you need. The first thing that draws attention is your associations and feelings, and only then - on the General meaning of the image and the comments of the therapist. br>
- When we start to pay attention to dreams, the unconscious vividly responds and begins to "talk to us". Why are only the whole "series" of dreams is the overall theme, but with changing means (for example, dreamed of a new red car, then blue, and then all rusty and non-working). The image changes depending on the actions you have taken in life. Sometimes the accuracy and wit of dreams is amazing!

- the Subconscious mind always emphasizes our areas of growth. If you have several interpretations of the dream, then choose the most unpleasant. The unconscious, no purpose to amuse vanity. BUT! Interpretation of dream not should feed the neurosis, like "I knew that I'm a terrible mother"... No, if a dream gives you a goal for growth, he will give and the resource for its implementation.

Sometimes it seems like it had a horrible dream, but upon closer examination it appears that he was very good. That manifested itself in a dream - is already in you and are ready to become conscious, affordable resource. This is especially true of nightmares (let's talk about them separately). But if you fly in a dream, it was awesome, a state of euphoria... that is likely to create too many illusions and you need to ground. Following a dream can turn into a fall... you are warned!))
Mikhailenko Elena
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