Genetic predisposition and conditions of upbringing greatly influenced the fate of this great writer.

N. In. Gogol had a schizoid personality type – had a tendency to aloofness from the people, was often immersed in the world of his thoughts and fantasies.

a Large influenced on his mother, which the writer was a strong symbiotic relationship. The mother, being religious and superstitious man, instilled in son religious fears. In childhood together they regularly attended Church, his mother told him about the last judgment and frightened the fact that their bad people go to hell. Later Gogol was very afraid to grow sinful man, prayed a lot and drove by myself with all sorts of obscene thoughts.

At the same time, the writer's mother had magical thinking – believed in mysticism and believed that everything in life is predetermined and mysterious forces control everything that happens to man.

it is Known that the writer, until her death have never been married and women had only a Platonic relationship, while remaining a virgin.

Only on the pages of his works he allowed himself some mischief in the description of female beauty. In the movie "Viy" or "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka" Pannochka and Oksana is a slim women, while biographers note that Gogol was worried about women, by contrast, fat. In his works, the writer describes with admiration the female body, chest and legs. Gogol describes the female breast with sensuality unusual "razletevshihsya on a lonely bed, the woman with the trembling young Breasts" dreaming "hussar mustache and spurs", or a "mollusk with such huge Breasts, which the reader probably never seen". Young Breasts of heroines of Gogol always elastic, dome-shaped, they breathe with bliss and fluctuate under their skin. Full naked white leg ladies witches in "Viy" crazy poor man to be proud of the Mikitka.

However, having a lot of complexes about their appearance, especially the long nose, and fears of female beauty, the writer preferred to love women in the distance.

Despite the fact that Gogol was the third child in a family of 12 people, many of his brothers died early. Probably what the writer had to witness their early demise, plus the mistrust and superstitions of his mother, who shared with his son feeling that it will survive, developed his fear of death (thanatophobia).

Gogol was experiencing panic and fear of the funeral, the deceased and fear of his own death. In an attempt to reconcile myself with these fears, he described them in his works – the evil spirits, the maiden in the coffin, drowned, etc., the Stories of Gogol permeated with mysticism, evoking in the reader a mixture of fear and charm, and originality.

Also, Gogol suffered from bipolar affective disorder lived through phases of excitement and high productivity, I was really depressed, disappointed in their manuscripts and burned them. So were torched his early works ("Ganz Kyuhelgarten"), the third part of the poem "Dead souls".

during one of these depressive phases, which escalated at the news of the death of Catherine Homyakova women that Gogol was in love with and was her writing, the writer refused to eat and died under uncertain circumstances. Many biographers suggest that the writer was plunged into a lethargic sleep as a defensive response against stress, which was taken for death. Bouts of lethargy happened to him before, but because all his life Gogol was afraid of being buried alive.

on the one hand, the education of Gogol gave the world a great writer in his face and condemned him to a lonely life full of fears. These fears gave him inspiration, but, however, robbed of life energy, making the state of mind extremely painful.

Perhaps resolved the internal conflict of the writer associated with rigid internal censorship, and reassessment of religion not as a punitive tool, but as protecting and helping, would allow Gogol to look differently at relationships with others, and with yourself.

Christmas is a great time to remember the wonderful works N.In. Gogol.

Dear readers, merry Christmas! Be happy and live without fear!

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Elena Burkova
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