The nightmare about... life here and now.

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Everyone is looking at the sun. But with him something's wrong. It is not clear what happens with the Sun and with us. From this anxiety.

Suddenly the sun becomes brighter. Hope. Joy. The sun is coming. Happier.

Maybe only I noticed, and someone else not? It is necessary to report all good news. It's getting closer. Will be full of light! Will be warmer!

As the Sun continues to approach and approach speed increases every minute.

And scary!!!

Burn! Die!

And suddenly, at the peak of these emotions, the Sun begins to fade.

I Understand that it is moving away. The reason is unclear.

it Becomes easier. But only temporarily... because the Sun... continues to move away. It slipped the moment when it was comfortable. And now It's on and on!!!

without it? All going to freeze! Fear.

And suddenly it exploded! Scary!!!

What now? The unknown.

the Brain is involved, remember all that once found out and gave saving idea:

the light from the stars (planets) we can see when the planet is long gone.

And this means that for the time while there's still light from the Sun and we see it, we can live,

humanity has the ability to find the decision how to survive, how to protect yourself from the destruction that can occur in the absence of the Sun, light and heat.

And then we need to do something right here and right now.

And now here came the clarity which retreated before the alarm.

Here are a few insights. They are simple:

  1. When someone who is very important to us (let's call it "the Sun"), coming towards us, we could feel the joy (light and heat). This happens with the Sun. If it is the Sun will continue coming at us, not stopping, maybe to burn us, destroying our borders. And at some point the approximation arises the fear that we will start to warn of danger. It protects us, it is our natural response that can save us from an invasion into our space. Even very beloved and close.

it is important to be yourself and not be destroyed. And it is important this signal is not missed, and to do something to stay safe. There is one problem: to stay in contact with Sunshine, remaining himself.

  • When someone who is very important to us (our Sun), evergreen, after some time raised the alarm, which can turn into fear of loss. And this fear is also a call to action that we can take in order not to lose someone.

it is Important also not to miss the signal. It is the awareness itself that will be the first step to changes in relationship with someone.

What's important in the first and second cases?

It is the polarity. care aboutbe conscious of your boundaries, to determine where we are on this path, on this line of life? At what point? And where are we heading? If there is Sunshine, where is the place for us as a Planet in this system?

How we live? In fear or in hope?

In the hope of expecting something from the Sun or in the hope of changing something for yourself: bringing something or distancing?

  • it is Important to understand at what distance "the Sun" can be safely and invigorating. Not to devour us, not burn us with their energy, but not leave us without energy to die from cold, hunger, loneliness.

  • And the where's the joy in that we can do what is within our power. And it will definitely affect the future. The future we create now.

And to protect yourself from the Sun even a child if he is taught how to do it.

I Wish you to feel the signals, which are always inside of us, aware of its borders, and change what you can, right here and now!

This can be done independently or with a specialist.

We choose and the way, and passengers.

please Share your comments, what you think about your boundaries?

Elena Chebakova
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