in the individual part-time or full-time, in training, in a group face-to-face supervision, at times, found some difficulty to formulate a request for supervision. More often it occurs in the supervision of novice professionals. “It's important for me what you saw”, “Tell me, how I was used?” “Whether I done?” “What did you like in my work, and what's not to like?”. I.e., a General request for feedback.

And the supervisor and the group, sometimes can try to give a response to the work of the therapist.

you may notice that the therapist is not always sufficiently satisfied. After the request he had. This was a request for support, a reflection, perhaps, approval, recognition. “Tell me, do you see me as a therapist?”, “I am a psychologist, I work with people, right?” “I can, can, true?” “You accept me in their ranks, colleagues?” “I need your approval, because I was so scared, I had my doubts, but I worked, I could!”, “Maybe I was at work?” Here a query may lie under the General.

And if the group or the supervisor has not sufficiently reflected, endorsed, supported, and closely supervised remains your needs further. Yes, the supervisor and the group can Express what needs supervisent themselves, but not always sufficient. Yes, and to assign it difficult, because there is some illegality.

We are not taught to ask for support and approval, directly and openly, and need them can also be shameful. And this is an important part of becoming a therapist, if not the most important. After all, the recognition of colleagues - first and foremost, what makes us GP.

So if you start to practice, learn, practice, work in groups, training or supervisors, be aware and admit your need and ask for support and approval.

Also, there is supervisent starting to blame, to shame, to admit mistakes. Very often this behavior hides all the same need for approval and support. The supervisor and the group should be very attentive to such selfflagellation therapeutae to clarify the true request.

good Luck and support to you!

Oksana kolomiytseva
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