Morning, everyone starts with his strong-willed decisions to Wake up, to get out of bed and begin to implement the actions scheduled for the day.

the Will is one of the most complex phenomena of human psychology, which is quite difficult to determine, because there is no specific external manifestations or physiological characteristics.

the Sociologist F. N. Ilyasov defines the will as "the ability of the subject to create a hierarchic system of values and make efforts to achieve the values of higher order, ignoring lower order values".

Will is an instruction to perform an action that a person gives to himself; his ability to overcome internal and external obstacles to achieving this goal. This internal "Yes" man in relation to any value for which he is willing to make efforts and sacrifices (time, patience, money, recreation, etc.).

Man is the author of his own will, which is driven by his desire, motivation and willingness to take risks. It's kind of a blend of "want" and "need" belongs to man and it can only change himself (to act or to refuse its execution), unlike animals, are not able to control their behavior.

Will provide the beginning of any action and inhibits other desires that are not consistent with the main goals (the temptations, the temptations). For example, to write the report without being distracted by checking email. The main element of will is an act of informed decision making (employees should refer to their desires and values, as well as to the imagination and logic by which he will be able to simulate the effects of the proposed action).

At the same time it is very important to feel the freedom of the will is born from the depths of the soul, not through coercion. After all, the more it will be to force yourself to do something, the higher its internal resistance. When a person with the will forces himself to do what can not do, how you do it – sooner or later the body will refuse to beat my head against the wall, stopping your inner "tank" of violence against them by disease and accidents.

Often the human will is turned on its strong desire in whatever was to achieve anything. In this case it is important to check the real truth of the desire – whether it was born inside of man, or through the environment (to become an artist, famous pianist, to learn English). Sometimes these desires can be caused by a thirst for creativity and self-realization, but the man does not yet know in what area he can realize himself. And instead of listening – begins to achieve what does not correspond to its nature. Especially clear evidence of the falsity of such desires that he has repeatedly tried to engage in some specific case, but to no avail. For example, if a long time he keeps in his closet a set of paints, paper and brushes, with the intention of ever started to draw, then it is most likely about desire. There is a strong likelihood that he did not start to draw, find themselves all sorts of excuses. After all, maybe he just like them or like to see how someone draws. Or he was just curious to understand how it's done. And as soon as he understood, everything became clear and the desire to continue immediately disappeared.

in order to distinguish your true desires from the false, the person needs to imagine that he found the time and energy to do something that seems to him the true desire, and doing this a year or several years. And honestly answer the questions: I will achieve the same (or even greater success), as the person who inspired me to do this? And, if you achieve want me to develop this further? Will I be as successful and happy as he is?

Usually the answers to these questions help you listen to your inner truth. But, even if the desire is true – this is not enough in order to give yourself the order to carry it out.

Because in order to turn the will to perform a particular action, the following conditions:
1. people can do it and has that right.
2. he likes to do.
3. it is important to him.
4. he has a sense that this is born out of something good.

Under such circumstances the human will be well rooted and connected with reality. If at least one element of the design comes out, will be to change direction due to various temptations.

Often, obstacles will arise on the third point, because the human subconscious can be very important, not useful (e.g., Smoking, alcohol, sweets, overeating). The subconscious interpreterpath them as important things for the survival of the organism. And, for example, exercise, healthy eating, meditation can be perceived by them as harmful or useless luxuries, without which, so it was all good.

In such cases, it is good to ask a lot of questions: "Why?" (Why would I play sports? Why would I want to be healthy? etc.). What I specifically want to receive as a result? What happens when I get it? What benefits will I get if I did that? What happens if I do not get? What benefits I will get if will do it? What I'm going to do with all this? As I will continue to live? Why do I need all this? etc.

Such a thoughtful and lucid reflections help to reveal the hidden in the subconscious the importance of desires and to strengthen the sense that this can be born something beautiful.
Shulga Oxana
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