We as difficult to understand and to see the manifestation of masculinity and femininity within us and we begin to project these qualities on the outside, on other people, often at close. If some part of our mental world is projected outward, it seems to us that we don't have that it belongs entirely to another person. We do not realize it, but as soon as it enters the mind, ( I have it too, only in a different form) the projection is no longer valid. For example, we believe your partner is aggressive and it hurts us, we don't want to put up are taking some kind of action, such as leaving with the goal to teach, but the aggression of varying quality, it can be hidden and can be open, and if our partner openly shows aggression, you should look at their aggression, perhaps hidden. Action is always a reaction.

All of the above seriously affects relations between the sexes. And these invisible partners greatly affect the couple, because they obscure the identity of the real person, which served as a screen for projection and he has no chance to get the top ten relationships ( the Procrustean bed). If a man projects upon a woman positive image of their female parts, then it becomes a very attractive and attractive, she becomes the object of erotic desires and he feels that only she can make it in this world happy and satisfied with life. Such a state we usually call love. Naturally, at first, everything nice, she loves the attention, she feels his value in the eyes of men, enjoying the feeling of superiority. The person who becomes the screen for the projection of the other person gains power over him and holds it up as long as the projected part of the psyche of the projector is assigned to another person. In other words, until we understand his aggression towards this person, we shall consider it aggressive and all the time try this to do something more than that is not going to be able to leave him just like he keeps us on the rope. Often there are cases when partners live in a terrible relationship, but to hold each other and not breaking up, although it has the physical ability.

as soon as the partner is the screen starts to change, or to acquire other traits or show character traits that are not subject to projection, this behavior begins to cause resentment and outright resistance. Therefore, a woman (when talking about it) can suddenly Wake up in a Golden cage called "projection". And then the opposite party may prove the brutality and rigidity in the protection of this cage, if a woman tried to go out and become an Autonomous person. By insisting on their right to be themselves women can see that her man is jealous, outraged and offended. Sometimes it can worsen sexual insistence, unusual relationship between them developed. Because sexual relationships give him a feeling of unity and Mergence with it, then mental space is not so common, therefore the most desired sexual contact, to preserve the illusion of the previous merge. With this to start controversy.

When the fall of the Ghost points, we can find a partner uninteresting, to be disappointed and even feel ripped off, so the romance is over and some are beginning the search for the perfect relationship at first. ( change partners)

of Course this creates a lot of difficulties in a real relationship on which to work, and this work is paying off, because the only way our capacity to love can become Mature.

Historical examples of the fate of the project

Dante and Beatriche Met three times in the life of 9 and 18., 23 Beatrice married and died after a year that had no impact on the love of Dante and became a mainstay in his life. Beatrice was the soul of Dante, with which it began its productive poetic life. He dedicated a large number of sonnets and the divine Comedy and she became the conductor of the souls Dante in another world.

Cleopatra and Antony. a Great General after the partition of the Empire with Octavian, the adopted son of Gaia Julius Caesar, became Emperor of the West, Egypt was included in his reign and Queen Cleopatra went to meet him with purple sails and a gilded stern, It struck the commander's education, refinement, manners with a combination of passion and looseness. Of the defeated Cleopatra came out the winner. Anthony immediately fell in love and began one of the most tragic love Affairs in the history of mankind. Cleopatra became Anthony's soul and enjoyed the fact that he received power over him. Anthony now was not thinking about victory on the battlefield , and for the speedy return to Egypt. He began to lose credibility and 31G. BC lost the battle when Actii Octavian, because it is in favor of Cleopatra gave battle to the sea because Cleopatra wanted to use a clumsy Egyptian galleys. Plutarch writes-"But Antony have to a degree turned into Babi henchman that despite the big advantage on the ground , wished to decide the war at sea - in favor of Cleopatra!" During the battle the ship of Cleopatra was removed from the battlefield and Antony instead to continue the battle and to inspire the army, followed the retreating Cleopatra. Back in Egypt depressed, plunged into sadness and melancholy. Within a few months Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide.

Both men have experienced the power of her feminine parts as soon as it is projected on a mortal woman, Dante turned their experiences into creativity by adopting Beatrice as the image of his soul. Anthony couldn't feel his soul otherwise than by passing and inspiring in her a real woman and it is so disorganized that he has lost the integrity of his personality.

Mukhamedova Elena (an excerpt from the seminar using literature Jungian analysts)

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