there once was a man named N. He lived absolutely as all around and did not differ – two arms, two legs, two eyes, nose, mouth, worked, had friends and family. In General, all as at all.

last week, on Thursday, a man named N. met with your friends. A friend named C. said she is very busy and has no time to buy a gift for my mother.

Then S. said: "H. you have a lot of free time, you should go to the store to buy a gift for the birthday of my mom and send it by mail"

N. agreed, he is not accustomed to deny people, it's not difficult. But in my heart somewhere slightly tweaked – and why s asked if he has any free time and if he wants to do it. But after a while, he remembered that he does have a lot of free time, and family helps family. Not to help is selfish, the more serious occasion.

some days Passed, N. he was at work. Everyone began to talk about how they spent the weekend. N. felt uncomfortable, he was very shy and did not like to talk about my personal life. And then his colleague asked K. N.: "my Dear N., and how did you spend your weekend, already came to sex with that girl you date for two weeks?".

N. tensed, began very much to worry from this issue, but I tried not to look. He stood all at attention, every muscle tense, and his thoughts swirled: "I have to answer to me about anything not asked, I must choose my words very carefully". N. answered the question evasively, with his cheeks flushed and all could see how he was embarrassed to answer. N. left to their workplace continuing to think about what kind of people are insensitive....

the same day, in the evening, N. was talking to my mom on the phone. He didn't like to talk to her. But the mother is the mother. The more she was always so worried for him, wanted to know everything that's going on in his life. So that evening N. told about how his girlfriend asked to buy a gift, and how some of his colleagues tactless. N. he loved to share with my mother stories of his life, but didn't really like to hear advice from her. But the mother is the mother. N. recorded all my mother's advice as she had asked him. Sighed, walked over to the dresser and threw the list on the bottom shelf of the dresser where it was waited already by a small pile of the same bumazhechki.

In principle, after N. told mom about his troubles he was relieved. He was getting ready to sleep, it was twelve-thirty at night. N. got under the warm duvet and almost fell asleep. Suddenly the whole apartment the phone rang. N. very surprised – who's calling at this hour? Surprise was gone as soon as N. took the phone in hand – it was M., a longtime friend N., they are friends from school. M a very emotional person and loving. Well, a little adventurer. All these qualities allowed the M. constantly get stuck in various novels, after which he was very upset, and in dubious business projects, some of them he was on the verge of imprisonment. All of your experiences M. always shared with N. and it is in that moment when he would have liked. And now N. wondered romance or business? He answered the call. – Roman. M. threw his new friend, and with all his savings. N. listened carefully to the story of his friend and wanted to tell you about one awkward question at work and about the friend that asked to buy a gift. How the connection got interrupted, and N. heard the beeps.

In General, N. he lived a completely normal life, only marveled – why doesn't anyone care about his desires?

If you are familiar with the story of a man named N. you probably do not know how to define their psychological boundaries of others.

this Saturday my colleague and provide training assigned to work personal boundaries: Training "Personal boundaries"

Kuts Vladimir
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