an Enemy is an exaggerated one. In small doses as a medicine, in large - poison.

control and self-Control is the only and undoubtedly the main helpers of human life, even, I would say, determine.

There is a concept in psychology as "Locus of control", it can be - Internal (internal) or External (external).

the man with the internal (inner) locus of control demonstrates the following behavior:

- willing to take responsibility for the events happening in his life, himself;

- the successes and failures, explains their actions, abilities, aptitudes and character traits;

- self-confident and not inclined to obey the opinions of others.

the man with the external (external) locus exhibits the following qualities:

- less tolerant of other people;

- tend to abdicate responsibility for your life and success;

- often looking to blame their failures;

success is attributed to luck, fate, coincidence.

that is, the choices we make. In theory all nice and simple, but in real life everything is mixed.

the Locus can vary in different spheres of life.

for Example, in a professional production environment it may be internal, as in personal or in a health - external, and Vice versa.

Control is an important part of life, but all in good measure.

If You often hear from friends: "Enough to control me!" or "You got me with my control, leave me alone" , "stay out of my life" - is worth considering, but do not bend if you stick.

If this happens, it means OVERCONTROL.

what's the catch? How it works in simple, everyday life?

for Example, you have to work hard written rules of behavior or your position, as you said, requires a cautious, demanding behavior to others, you are responsible for the work and behavior of not only themselves but other employees. You behave appropriately, as expected in the course of the day, week, month, year and so on... It is commendable that the authorities like it.

this behavior is fixed, as is held for a long time, it becomes part of your everyday life.

in the Evenings you return to family, to friends and relatives, the spouses and the children here would be to disable everything that was important at work: control, demands, liability. You play with the kids or going on a date, the night comes and you lie down in bed with a man - and then to relax and get pleasure from communication, feelings and experiences, but the day restraint is jammed.

As a result, frustration and dissatisfaction, bad feeling and bad mood, health problems, lack of understanding and a sense of ingratitude from relatives.


first is to stratify the situation in control and do not require.

it is better to prescribe to occur the awareness and disintegration.

second - learn to distinguish and respect the boundaries of another person's life.

third - learn to trust that people can handle themselves with my life.

Try to cope themselves, and in difficult situations contact the professionals.

I will be able to help You.

Tayurskii Tatiana
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