Far away in the mountains whose tops were covered with snow caps, was a small settlement of people. Among them there was this guy. His name was Tom. He was distinguished by his incredible tenacity and perseverance. In any case, for which he was taken, was beyond him. The guy never missed. Others spoke in jest "again, Tom grabbed bulldog in his new idea." No one in such moments, could not dissuade him from a new passion, even if it was dangerous and frightening.

Another notable side of Tom was that he never asked anyone for help. He always acted alone, relying solely on himself. Guy hated when someone tried to give him advice or hint. He could "explode" and even climb on the counselor with his fists.

once That was walking in the area of their settlement. He noticed on one of the nearby mountain ranges beautiful valley. It was located in a lovely glade, where grew many wild flowers and trees growing, which Tom had never seen. None of the villagers did not even know about the existence of this place. The guy set out to build a bridge across a deep gorge, which was on the way to the beautiful meadow. As soon as he finished work on the bridge, he will come and invite everyone for a visit.

work on the bridge guy kept in the strictest confidence. He wanted to make a wonderful surprise to other residents. People noticed something odd about Tom, but didn't suspect anything since it happened quite often. "Another exciting idea" they said to each other, smiling. The guy was lost now somewhere all day, returning home at midnight terribly tired.

Tom came up with a plan to build a bridge across the ravine to a wonderful glade. For this you first need to knock down a huge pine tree. The tree was just to connect the two sides of the gorge and form the basis of the bridge. It is very important correctly to cut down a pine tree that in the fall she slipped into the abyss. That already cut down the tree for a few weeks. The pine tree was of monstrous size, even if you work from morning to night the progress was hardly noticeable. The guy didn't feel his arms, legs, entire body, so heavy the task he set himself in front of him.

Tom began to feel that he will not do. Now a month has passed, and the tree was cut down even by a quarter. The deeper we got a guy inside the barrel, the harder it was to cut. The tree seemed to become harder inside of, and the axe had to sharpen more often. Asking for help still he refused, considering it a sign of weakness.

several months Passed before the tree began to sway harder. It was the first sign that there is not much to work with. The guy went heavily to cut a huge trunk. Now the wind gusts increasingly rocked the pine, and occasionally heard a loud cracking noise.

One day Tom came in the morning to continue to work. His face stretched in a grimace of surprise and then sadness. The tree had fallen. Apparently, the night was the strong wind that eventually broke pine. The problem was that the tree fell as calculated, and collapsed on the bottom of the gorge. A few months desperate labor in vain.

the Boy returned home sad and some days no one talked. Now people understand that something is wrong. They had never seen him so sad. To come elder, who was believed to be the most wise and respected in the settlement.

- My boy, what happened? – asked the elder. We've never seen you so sad!

- Wise, I couldn't do what he wanted, more than anything, ' Tom replied and told me about what he did the last few months. The guy persistently asked the elder, that he never told anyone about the story of the construction of the bridge.

Tom, I want to tell you what you did was very brave and selfless, ' began the elder. – You took a very complicated affair, which, perhaps, all of our people can not afford. And you want to deal with this alone. Why didn't you ask for help?

I'm afraid to seem weak when asking for help, - said Tom.

- there is no shame, ' said the elder. - Your dream is just wonderful. I know that meadow. I'll tell you more. We have to build this bridge because the Creek, where we took water, dry. Now the nearest place where we can replenish our water, is just on the other side of the gorge. I didn't know how to get there, and now you gave a great idea that will save us all. But to do this we can, only by combining our efforts.

- But there is no more such tall pines! – said the guy. – How are we going to do now?

- But there is more high pine tree on the other side of the gorge! – cleverly replied.

- So to get there, have to fly across the gorge! But it's impossible! – said Tom.

- to get there, but getting quite, ' said the elder. For example, a blacksmith is a very powerful crossbow, the arrow which you can tie a thick rope. The latter can make the weaver. Will only shoot in a pine tree and move the rope to the other side.

- Yes, - said thoughtfully guy. – I didn't think that you can use a crossbow with a rope.

My boy, I want you to have learned that it is not shameful to ask others for help, gently said the elder. What if you asked the great good purpose, then you will definitely need assistance. And the higher the goal, the more help you will need. By the way, we all will need a brave volunteer who will move the rope to the other end of the gorge and will be able to fix it more securely, tied to the tree. You don't mind to become one?

- of Course not! said Tom and smiled.

the joint efforts of residents of the gorge bridge was built in just a few days. Tom was the first to set foot on a beautiful meadow with meadow flowers and mysterious trees. He stood in the middle of it and enjoyed a fabulous spectacle.

Vostrukhov Dmitry Dmitrievich,

psychologist, NLPt-psychotherapist, consultant in the welfare

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