When is no agreement,

way they will not go

And come out of it is not the case, only flour.

I. A. Krylov

Personality is the totality of the parts (mental properties)

and between its parts there is not always agreement.

there was once a man and lived different organs.

Light gave man air and replenish oxygen to his blood, which provide them to every cell.

the Liver took a hit when the man had errors in diet.

the Kidneys are like filters, liberated the human body from harmful metabolic products.

the Stomach – digests the food (information) and the intestine deduced, something that could not digest the stomach.

But the main organs in the body was the HEART and BRAIN.

HEART gave life to the whole body, providing it with blood, adjusting its work with the help of hormones, and is responsible for FEELINGS.

the BRAIN ruled the body through nerve impulses and was responsible for the MIND.

All was well, the body working smoothly, because despite the fact that the organs had different functions, each responsible for full life the whole organism of a person.

And once the body is sick. Not that much, but somehow he became fussy and restless.

it All started with the fact that a person has some discomfort when I inhale. It is not the feeling that he can not get air into the lungs.

Then the stomach to digest food and bowels irritable on every occasion and without.

And so the authorities became uneasy. One or the other, detained the man for the job, spoil him Dating, and in General was heavily stained reputation.

Long body struggled, but neither the patience nor the medication does not help him. Relief came only for a short time, and then it started again.

Many people are not looking for a reason could not find. And then one day he realized that he forgot something important.

the Memory was asleep, but intuition is not asleep and she whispered to brain that there is in its depth lies the truth about the cause of the problem.

Feet have brought a human for help to the wise old man (or maybe it was an old woman).

Wisdom is knowing what to do and called the memory of man.

Memory for a long time resisted, but gradually began to awaken, opening up to man the causes of problems with different organs.

Long or short, a lot of time had passed before the memory of man have revealed the true nature of the conflict within him.

it All started with an argument. It was a dispute between the brain (mind) and heart (feelings).

Each of them decided that it is the main in the body.

my Heart was screaming: "If I stop, the body will die, and with it man! I – the main organ in the body!"

the Brain with undisguised sarcasm replied to the heart: "If I die, the body's gonna live not long, but the people in it will perish! I is the main body!"

a scandal Erupted!

Increased heart rate, increased blood and intracranial pressure.

my Heart was screaming: "the Main thing in the man feelings! And greatest of them is LOVE."

the Brain echoed: "Сogito ergo sum!"

with No sense of man – a worm! he said.

Between his brain and his heart were light. Their favorite thing was breathing: INHALE-EXHALE.

they Especially liked to inhale and exhale happened by itself.

To the lungs from the heart ran blood filled with adrenaline, the brain is constantly attacked their nervous impulses.

And this man made it hard to breathe. The body is literally orphaned in the conflict between brain and heart.

And the man remembered that once upon a time, when he was a little boy he stood between the disputing parents and took their hands.

Then he was frightened, for dad and for mom. He was afraid of losing them. And since as soon as a conflict was brewing, his breath was stale, and life has lost paint.

Heart felt the love, and the brain immediately felt a sense!

When the man remembered the reason (he lost the point, fearing that I had lost the love of parents), returned to him Inspiration made easy free breath, the brain is calmed down, the heart leaped with gladness, and his hands reached for the paints.

he loved to draw when I was a child!
Serdyuk Alevtina
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