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One man was looking for the meaning of life. He was very upset about the fact that so many have lived, had so much to do in life, and its meaning for him and so remained an Enigma. The man built a house, organized a successful own business, trained and raised children. His position in society envied by many. However, he was deeply convinced that I did not do something very important. And if you do, the meaning of life immediately and it will be opened.

the Man met various sages, asking for advice. But draws recommendations does not help him. No one could say what needs to be done to discover the long-awaited sense of being. The answers that received the man, was to ensure that during the life to find its meaning is almost impossible.

"How so?" - he questioned. "To live life without knowing its meaning? It's not fair. I want to learn it for life! I deserve it!"

Once the man learned that somewhere high in the mountains lives a shaman, who will be able to help him. The path to his home was a long one. The mountain you had to climb, took in the top layer of clouds. Somewhere behind them, even higher and lived the shaman.

the Man carefully prepared for the journey, stocked with food, clothing, special equipment. The climb was long. The hillside was much steeper than had previously been thought. Our traveller has not yet managed to reach the cloud layer as there was a heavy downpour that almost washed him down the mountainside. With great difficulty, the man forced himself to continue on his way, slipping on the dirty stones and branches. A little more – and the cloud layer was overcome.

Before the traveler has a wonderful view. There was no rain or moisture. Shaman's hut was located near the small deck, where you can enjoy the space from the forests, fields, mountain ranges and peaks. A man stood on the platform, look at all this space in front of him. He then knocked on the door of the hut.

no One answered, so the man decided to open the door of the home of the shaman and look inside. That'd be a shame to come all this way for nothing. Inside the hut was empty. Of furniture there was only a small wooden table and chair. On the table were some figures of wood and something that resembles a box. The overall look of the room talked about the fact that nobody lives here a long time ago. Frustrated traveler came out of the hut and looked back at the valley from above. But its kind of a man is not happy. Had a feeling that he had been deceived. After another minute the man began to gather in order to begin the descent back.

And you decided it is so easy to withdraw from your goal? – heard behind a voice.

the Traveler turned around and saw the shaman standing next to the hut. This was the gray-haired man of small stature, dressed in a grey cloak with a hood.

So you decided to play me? – reproachfully asked the man.

- not Even going, smiled the shaman. – Because you actually believe that deeper meaning in life does not exist.

- in General, I certainly do not believe - not so confidently replied the traveller.

- But why then so easily and was going to go back? the shaman asked. You have received a confirmation of his thoughts, to find my cabin empty. The trip here seemed meaningless initially. – With these words the shaman made a gesture with his hand, and the cabin was engulfed in flames. After a few minutes she was completely destroyed, turned into ashes.

- Why did you do it? astonished, the man asked.

- Now you will be very interested to know about that what you were looking for actually was inside my burnt hut, - said the shaman and mysteriously looked at the traveler. – The answer to your question lay inside the box.

No! – shouted the traveler. – Why you destroy it all?

- You left the hut with the answer, without even examining it, - calmly replied the shaman. – That you refused to accept the contents of the boxes designed for you.

But I want it back! – said the man. – How to do it?

- See the cave over there? the shaman pointed to the side. It's your last chance. There lives one of the most powerful spirits – the spirit of the Time. Only he can turn back time. Try to negotiate with him.

the Traveler tried to find out from the shaman as to agree with the Spirit of the Time, but he didn't answer him. Then the man went to the cave. Once inside her, he began to summon a powerful spirit.

While the man asked for help in the cave, the spirit of the Time turned to God for advice.

Great, let me consult with you about one person! – asked the Spirit to God. – This person wants to know the meaning of life and have done a lot already for this. Now he missed his chance to know the meaning and want to turn back time. Can we go meet him?

- He missed his chance because you failed the test of Faith - God answered. Who has not passed such a test, meaning will not open never. However, I will allow you to give him what he wants.

After this short dialogue, the spirit of the Time appeared in the cave in the form of bright flashes of light and granted the request of the traveler. A while back ago. Again the man was on top of the mountain in front of the hut of the shaman.

the Traveler trembling hands opened the door of the home and immediately ran to the table. The casket was in the same place next to the wooden figures. The man opened it, expecting that there he will finally find the long-awaited meaning of his life.

Out of the box flew a little white dove and began to fly in the cabin. The traveler was chasing him, but could not catch him. Finally he got tired and dropped into a chair. It was a great surprise men when the dove immediately flew to him and sat on the table in front of him.

Now the traveler finally understood. He spent his whole life chasing sense, considering that it is necessary to catch, to catch, to reach, to do something very important. He overcame incredible obstacles, thinking on the peaks that he climbed, hides the innermost meaning of life. And was surprised not to find there thereof. But we had to just sit quietly and enjoy what he had, not going on any quest.

the Pigeon never flew, and even moved man at hand, carefully looking him in the eyes.

Vostrukhov Dmitry Dmitrievich,

psychologist, NLPt-psychotherapist, consultant in the welfare

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