Woke up at some God yawned, stretched and decided something create. The creative impulse was spent by the Lord for 7 days.

On the first day God created the heavens and the earth, water and light, and separated light from darkness, the second made the firmament between the waters, divided the waters above the firmament from the waters under the firmament and called the firmament heaven; the third — the land, sea and plants, the fourth — lights in the firmament of heaven, on the fifth — fish, reptiles and birds. Finally, the sixth beast of the earth, cattle, creeping thing of the earth and man.

On the seventh day the Lord got tired and decided to make the seventh day a holiday.

the Creator was pleased with his work and entering into the taste decided to work on his latest creation – Adam.

- Perfect really! the Lord said looking at the man from all sides.

it is Necessary somehow to make the world a wonderful person.

And God created in the garden of Eden special trees – the tree of Life and the tree of Knowledge of good and evil.

Pointing with his finger to the tree of life to Adam, told him "Eat!", and the tree of knowledge hung a sign with one word "No!".

Then, sitting in the chair of heaven, the Lord began to observe and record their observations in a journal.

For a long time... the Lord is not enough, because Adam, alas, even though he was endowed with a sharp mind, did not apply it to nature and just ate fruit from the tree of life, falling asleep under it.

Everything was in Adam perfect: perfect body – strong, agile, fast; a sharp mind, which were subject to analysis and synthesis, and awesome eyes.

- that they-something was missing – I thought the Lord and decided that his perfect creation is not quite perfectly, the more that all his talent Adam is used.

for days He lay and ate apples.

God thought that gave Adam the wrong quality.

he decided He made a mistake, forgot that "the best the enemy of the good".

...God was an idealist.

And therefore, did not stop at Adam.

surprisingly, to improve the first man failed, because he was deaf to the voice of God.

God did not appear clearly in the groves of Paradise, and only whispered to Adam hints that he is, alas, not heard.

And then, stamping his foot on the firmament of heaven, the Lord decided to create the perfect creation.

for a Long time the Lord worked in the sweat of his brow and made Her eve. She was the complete opposite of the first men.

- soft and flexible body

- a Ringing voice.

Wavy silk hair,

- Skin, like a veil.

All of it was extraordinary and so different from the first men.

God, squatted down on his haunches and marveled at his creation, whispering quietly to her, "Go!".

And she went, because unlike Adam, I heard the voice of God.

God just threw his hands up, admiring the perfection!

But God is not immediately noticed that his perfect creation not only hears it.

In the garden of Eden looked different animals, and with all Eva found a common language.

But after a few steps, eve pricked her bare foot and put his thorn.

At this point the Lord became suspicious.

Near eve frolicked Adam he had heard that she screamed it.

Grasping the Apple, Adam rushed up to the stranger so like him. Because like myself he's never met.

eve gasped at the sight of Adam, and suddenly smiled and Adam felt such strength that caught eve in his arms.

Eva, sitting on his hands, Adam took a bite of Apple and spit out the piece.

- No, vkusnogo – she drawled, batting her eyelashes.

Adam froze, not knowing what to do. I had to say something, but he still could not.

Promecam something in response, and now he blinked, looking at eve.

eve stared at the second tree, near which something was stirring.

Adam shook his luxurious mane of hair and carried eve to the forbidden tree.

- Not! cried was the Lord watching all of this. But eve, though, and heard the voice of God and seen a sign (and read she was not worse than Adam), ignored all.

It drew some rustling and suddenly she heard a tempting voice, "EAT!" and felt a magical flavor.

whether apples, or the one who owned the voice, finally turned eve's head, and she reached for the forbidden fruit.

Adam, something has changed in the face and losing eve plucked the forbidden Apple.

Suddenly there was a heavenly thunder. The vortex collapsed on the heads of the first men.

Apples began to fall out of a tree right on their heads.

Eva, frozen and terrified, pressed close to Adam and began to sob.

God, seeing it all even more angry.

- It is still flowing! Mdaaa, I couldn't do a perfect creation.

I'm so sorry! – Eva wailed, clinging to Adam.

And no wonder, because the fetus begin to move, and she felt guilty.

- No, it was me! – began to blame yourself Adam.

He found it and realized the blame for the fact that I forgot about God, enjoying eve.

- Shame on him! – heard from the rustling of grass. Would have covered the nakedness.

This is the old serpent, nasarawa eve "Eat!" grumbled in the thick grass.

Now cried to God, frustrated by his failure.

And to the Ground came the rain.

the Scared eve more tightly clung to Adam holding a Fig leaf that was ready to break under the wind, and whispered: "We'll figure something out, right?".

At that moment the Apple fell on the head of Adam and he discovered a physical law.

the Water came, but eve smiled at Adam and he invented the ark.

eve froze , and Adam hugged her and warmed, on the go inventing how to make fire.

a Lot more any differences invented Adam, inspired by the smile of eve, which was reflected now in his eyes.

the Wrath of God was growing, but at some point, God smiled on the couple, which has already fulfilled the commandment "be Fruitful and multiply!" and laughed a silent laugh.

- I Think it worked! said the Lord – and, it seems these two will understand without me, because they both complement each other!

God, rubbing his hands, sat in a cloud a rook and went on indefinite leave, trusting the first people and the heaven and the Earth.

Serdyuk Alevtina
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