One day, while traveling, the couple was in a foreign country in front of a high mountain. They had to go through it, but conflicts and mutual reproaches, which prevented them from doing so. They were arguing about how to do it better, and their attempts led to failure time and again.

the couple realized that they needed a Guide. He came, but before you begin the journey, said: "First of all, we need to agree on a mutual respect: I respect you and your way, and you respect me and each other. I'm ready to go with you in a way, only if every one of you right now recognize the one thing he's wrong - in your usual disputes and conflicts."

Some time both husband and wife did not want to admit his wrong, but soon realized that the Conductor will not budge.

Then the wife said, "Okay. Am I wrong that periodically raise their voice to Andrew". And the husband added: "I'm in "silence", when Lena finds out the relationship - and this only reinforces her aggression." And then Lena smiled weakly.

"Well," said the Conductor. He made 2 steps and added: "Remember that in the mountains are cold, so any disagreement can lead to rash actions and your death. This is no joke. Go. And every kilometer just do the same thing. Only then will You be able to reach. I'm sorry, this mountain is the first. Will not go with you". br>
They protested this act of the Conductor, but they had no choice but to hit the road together.

It wasn't easy, despair, and hope. And shortly before the top was another quarrel. But they remembered the words of the Conductor. And Andrew said, "I guess we're both wrong, right?". And Lena said, "Right. Of course, right."

They acknowledged their wrong. And they came. And then, standing on the top, together looking at the beautiful sunrise and the beautiful garden that was waiting for them on the other side of the mountain.

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