Forgiveness, or accidents are not accidental!

Sitting at the round table, the soul has chosen its next class. Here stood the brave and strong soul.

this time I go to Earth to learn to forgive. Who will help me in this?
Soul with compassion and even a little fearfully spoke:

Is one of the most difficult lessons... You can in one life can't cope... You're so going to suffer... We are so sorry for you... But you can handle... We love you and will help...

One soul said, – I'm ready to be with you on Earth and help you. I'll be your husband, in our marriage, many problems will be my fault, and you will learn to forgive me.

the Second soul has sighed: – And I can be one of your parents to give you a hard childhood, and then to intervene in your life and to interfere in the Affairs of, and you will learn to forgive me.

the Third soul said: And I'm one of your superiors, and often will treat you unjustly and arrogantly, that you could learn to feel a sense of forgiveness.

a few souls have agreed to meet with her at different times to consolidate the lesson... now, each soul chose their lesson, they distributed the roles, and thought interrelated the plan of life, where they will be each other teach and to instruct, and went down to incarnation on the Earth.

But such is the peculiarity of training souls at birth, their memory is cleared. And few realize that many events are not random, and everyone comes into our lives just when we most need the lesson it brings...

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