once sit  two girlfriends in the evening  drink tea, discuss news. Laugh. Suddenly Masha, the mistress of the apartment, something pricked in the heel:

- Oh!

- What's the matter, dear? - alarmed Dasha.

something stung. But it's been, don't worry!

Sitting on, chatting. For an interesting conversation did not notice how time flew. Dasha zasobiralis home. Already at the threshold suddenly remembered:

- How's your heel then? Not injecting anymore?

- Heel? What is the heel? Oh, heel, no, I forgot about it.

- Look, be careful. Watch it, dunno what it was, carefully kissing Dasha Masha and leaves.

Dog  the door whined, begging to sleep. Masha likes to walk with a shaggy friend, grabs the leash and out the door.

At the site of aunt Claudia neighbor:

Hey, Masoni, beauty is ours! Listen, I'm Dashka met, it is about  your heel told. What do you have?

my God, was given to Dasha my heel! Everything is fine. Stung just, but immediately passed.

- Hey, come on! I love you from the cradle know you're like family to me. Just nothing happens, and aunt Claudia disappeared in his apartment.

Mary shook her cheerful curls and ran down the stairs, jumping over the steps.

At the entrance to the Granny on the bench sat in the warm summer evening. Discuss the latest gossip:

- Look, he (Masha), and they say she has a sore heel…Girl, you'd be careful, my grandfather heel was sick-was sick, and then… - and sighed sadly.

the next day, Dasha called. She is a longtime friend and close. And Masha's life she cares about. Interested as heels, tips gave. Offered on the Internet to read the forums to see what happens when the heel prick.

the Parents found out about the heel, scored the alarm, began to demand that the daughter does not delay, hurry to the doctor went. And it is better to the oncologist, who knows what!!!

a week Passed. Dog  whines at the door, before going to sleep to walk to. Well, Yes Masha can't, my leg primulaceae.

All thoughts about the heel fear. Horror and disbelief in the bright future. Already is, as the heel cut or even t on worse the funeral of their sees.

But caring loved ones do not give to relax. Do write in social networks. Questions about the heel and ask about all overall health. Recipes cure send. They do not  alien and machine life for them, not a trifle of some kind.

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