One day I was admiring a painting by Sandro Botticelli "Birth of Venus". It was a free evening and I indulged in idleness. The picture led me to the depths of the Internet, on a page with ancient deities. This is the first time in my life seemed exciting. So I downloaded the book and plunged into the world of mythology.

the Story about one of the Greek gods - Dionysus, struck me. He is the God of wine, Maverick, giving people joy and fertility. Dionysus, went with his retinue of maenads and Satyr all over the world, from country to country. His goal was to teach people to plant grapes and make his grapes wine. But not all people recognize Dionysus as a deity. In a particularly reasonable places, he was rejected and expelled. For that he took revenge and took POWER of the city and the country, being the son of Zeus he could afford it. br>
the Most amazing story that happened when he arrived to his homeland of Thebes. Dionysus was born from the Union of Zeus and a simple mortal Semele, who was a native of this place. His mother died at home, and believed that she deceived them about the Union with Zeus. There he did not believe that he is a deity. And got kicked out. Dionysus was not able to deal with it. In the evening he made a fire from which flowed wine. Went down to the city and struck madness Theban women. Those tipsy and acknowledged Dionysus. On mount Cithaeron, possessed women, including the mother Pipea are drunk from wine and was given to orgies and your animal nature. There are only Pipa, the king who humiliated him and drove. Dionysus tricked him, and brought him to the mountain, where he was noticed by women and leaning against the madness mother beheaded his own son. In the morning women come to life. Dionis says for them it: I have to throw humanity a challenge! You all live in the power of customary views. Yes, it is necessary for peaceful co-existence, but you reject any attempt to unravel the mystery that is in each of you, I'm afraid to see and accept a particle of darkness in itself. I'm different. Alien. I give you wine and show you your dark side. If you reject it, they rejected me, I will die trying your king. But if you acknowledge the darkness. Accept it and harness instead of shamefully avert their eyes, you will be saved. What is true madness? This desire to turn the city, life in the personification of reason, virtue, right.

to Assert the Dionysian is to recognize and understand the role that plays in the life of pain and death, to welcome the whole spectrum of feelings from life to death, from pain to ecstasy, including a traumatic experience (Tom Moore from the book "Puer Papers").

Yes, we all sometimes envy, we have the vanity, the desire for power. Yes, the mother may feel anger towards his son, and the son against the mother. We can experience sexual attraction not only to your loved one, and sometimes not only to my gender. The loved one, by the way, to our horror, can experience the same thing. We are all human beings, it means a lot. Although we need limits, boundaries, and social roles, but that's not all we need.

it would be nice to see, and not to displace deep into the consciousness, even socially unacceptable feelings and desires. That is to say, and not shamefully avert their eyes, believing that if it's wrong, anxious, then do not. This is our way to ourselves, to its vitality, authenticity, and integrity. But to be alive by the pressures of life can sometimes be difficult. And you?

Tatiana Tulupova
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