The pedophile, the mother and the Child. "Love Triangle"


a Lot of noise because of the new movie from HBO “Leaving Neverland". Wade Robson and Jimmy Savchuk admitted that, as children, were sexually abused by Michael Jackson. The response of the public: a ban songs singer on the radio, the removal of the first series of “Absolutely crazy dad” from the third season of “Simpsons” (where is the voice of Michael), etc. I consider this film as art, not as documentary.

watched him and felt both sympathy and anger. Director Dan reed deliberately “smeared” the image of Michael and “whitewash” way matter and children (artistic technique). The film is very tedious and long. I recommend better to watch an interview of these men with Oprah Winfrey. There's the same thing, but in a more compressed form. “Leaving Neverland" may be black PR move for the advertising of the singer and self sacrifice. Conveyor machine of Hollywood is pretty ruthless and unscrupulous machine that plays on the feelings of the audience (consumers).

the Mother for the sake of money and power, to be close to a world star, agreed that their children spent a lot of time with Michael. The instincts of protecting the children they shot down what they themselves did not once slip. They set the stage for children to become victims of an abuser. In both cases before us the pathological family: a domineering mother narcissistic and depressive sacrificial father. Michael is clearly a personality disorder and sexuality. He's just a blueprint reproduces the violence that it made his father to him growing up. In this situation is to blame: the rapist and the mother and the child bears the stamp of guilt. Child because of dependence on the mother was not able to do anything. As a consequence of sexual violence in children developed anxiety and depressive disorders in adulthood. Disorders of attachment with his mother and a consequence of sexual violence by the residual of the figure of father (Michael) has launched disorders of anxiety and depressive spectrum. And emotional difficulties manifested as soon as they brought their children. The film is very clear and instructive in this regard.

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