the Philosophy of Kierkegaard

"Fear and trembling"

Seren Kierkegaard – Danish philosopher and writer, a theologian.

His philosophy too far for me, but not so much so as not to become closer.

Want to share the impression I got after reading his treatise "Fear and trembling".

"Philosophy cannot be taught, but you can learn to philosophize" therefore, to understand the philosophy of Kierkegaard not aim, but to philosophize probably makes sense. Of course, you want to philosophize about Faith. About the faith of Abraham is Faith no matter what, this is something that cannot be pokoleniyam. Such is our Faith, can it be so pure and unwavering.

"If Abraham stood on mount Moriah, questioned...". For many in these words is hidden a valuable gift, the gift of life. Reflecting on this question: "Is there to doubt?" Think that one needs to question and be in doubt. Paradox. But Abraham believed in the salvation of the life. Salvation happened because up the knife was still raised.

And we are in our lives often await rescue: someone salvation from the love, some hate, and some may wait for the salvation of simple training exams. But what do we do to rescue, we recorded whether a "knife" with the Belief that is the only solution. Do we believe in ourselves and not doubt. Very often the hope of salvation lives in us without Faith, which is painful.

I think everyone who was acquainted with the story of Abraham again and the new turned to the question of Faith, to understand what it means to live and act in Faith.

External and internal world, ethical and aesthetic (and closer still religious). Kierkegaard a lot of thinking about these stages of human existence through the story of Abraham. And it was enough for him thought, not trying to understand. Kierkegaard shared that understanding of the story "comes only if we are willing to work hard and carry their share of the weight". Many times the author mentions the need to work and work not physically, but intellectually and most importantly spiritually. Maybe so people have fear to even think about it the difficult way, about the path.

I think when Seren writes on the share of gravity, he writes about the difficulty which arises in all physical and mental when you think about the difficult and obscure act of Abraham. If he could do otherwise. Who could say that? What we are lacking for the implementation and repetition of this act? Social approval, other people's opinions or our unwavering life stereotype. Here are a few reasons which, I think, be a powerful brake on change for many people.

In the aesthetic understanding of the purpose of Abraham to kill his son in religious sacrifice. If Abraham was willing to do this act without faith, he would have done wrong. But faith did this religious act. Analyzing the text of Kierkegaard, I am quite easy to get lost in all of this. But if I continue to get confused and to believe that it was good – then I freed from fear, too, of being misunderstood by others and believe, but do not seek to be understood until the end.

did Abraham during the journey to mount Moriah, that he will understand whether he believed in it. It's hard to think on this, what he believed, you just want to guess.

There are in Internet video, a lot of talking about Faith. Can be just about the faith, about which he mused Kierkegaard. Link to this video:

After watching about a lot of things start to think. As all plausible. And here again – man saved people is the religious aspect, but he killed his son – it is a moment of aesthetic. Or rather sacrificed, now it's closer. Comments here are unnecessary, there is much to look for the answer as it would be necessary to do in this situation – but the answer is a matter of time.

For Kierkegaard faith is the highest that can be in life. For me faith is something that is impossible to lose.

Kierkegaard talks a lot about Abraham, says a lot about his humility and love for God.

Abraham accomplished the feat. But why, then, do many about it forgotten. And as if it was useful to study the history of some members of the human race and realize the essence of Faith and the meaning of life, but I do agree with Kierkegaard that an understanding of this story will lead us in amazement.

For me, it became closer idea, people just have to believe, because a person without faith is not yet born, even want to say that it is simply not yet a man (perhaps very roughly), Faith is not only hope, strengthening of something, the stronger that surrounds and that is so important.

will this Faith divine and religious do not know. But to become a closer understanding of the divine Faith, connecting us with God. Not a neighbor, not an enemy, and with God.

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