Private the impact of inactivity on reducing CO2 production. Violation of breathing pattern. The pathological emotional-volitional activity.

the family often there are conflicts. One of the causes of conflict is the negative form of stress is Distress. There are several reasons for the formation and development of stress. One of them is physiological (the basis for the development of stress) I would like to elaborate. Physiological basis of stress is a lack in the body of carbon dioxide. Great detail at the time talked about this doctor cardiolog K. Buteyko.

the Novelty of my message is that previously, the lack of CO2 as the cause of stress development scientists, psychologists are not considered. In psychiatry the physiological mechanisms of stress development was seen as a consequence, a symptom of mental illness. In modern scientific literature to find publications that the lack of CO2 in the pulmonary environment is the basis for the development distressing States. Meanwhile, the uniqueness of this phenomenon deserves special attention because its cause is common in modern society, the phenomenon of physical inactivity (lack of movement).

the External atmosphere contains 0.04% CO2, pulmonary atmosphere of 4% CO2, atmospheric carbon dioxide kompensiruet lack of production of CO2 by body cells. Most of this production taking on the muscle cells and CO2 is actively produced during physical activity. Thus, the pulmonary atmosphere is formed due to physiological mechanisms of muscle activity and is regulated by the ANS. During inactivity, the muscle activity is reduced, and thus reduced the production of CO2. To ensure the constancy of the internal environment (the atmosphere and the lung along with body temperature is one of the most important mechanisms of self-regulation and functioning of the body) the body requires movement and with his lack of forms of unconscious stimuli motor activity, the concentration of adrenaline increases, i.e. a raising of unconscious emotional activity.

Externally, the emotional-volitional activity is increased, inadequate desire for activity, for movement against a background of high emotional feelings from their actions. Such men never can sit still, they always up to something, looking for something within the constraints of scope, during the initial stage of development of stress don't feel any fatigue, despite the fact that this condition is physically exhausting for them and is accompanied by poor sleep, lack of food. Develops neurasthenia, increased anxiety, a person thinks that he needs somewhere to escape, to move more. The stuffing of adrenaline provoke rapid breathing which causes hyperventilation, which not only "washes away" the remnants of CO2, but also prevents normal absorption of oxygen.

But physical work is not happening because the way of life is formed.

And then the function of ensuring the necessary concentration of CO2 in the pulmonary atmosphere, production and CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere assume the other cells of the body, in particular nerve cells of the body belong to the ANS and CNS in the first place aktiviziruyutsya nerve cells of the brain. Aktiviziruyutsya and stimulates the activity of consciousness, endlessly evolving and increasing imaginative and emotional activities. It is known that nerve cells in the active period of emotional experiences consume energy 3-4 times more than muscle and in that sense produce CO2 in a volume sufficient to normalize pulmonary atmosphere.

Pathological emotional state of distress constantly provoke many conflicts in the family and at work. We can say that under these conditions a person is literally looking for or provoke emotional conflicts. The higher the level of emotional activities, the more CO2 gets the body. Conflict, in this case, it is a defense mechanism of a constant internal environment in the conditions of hypodynamy. The situation is compounded over time.

it probably relates to the phenomenon of "hyperactive child". Computer, TV, etc. Hyperactivity is a result of inactivity.

the compensation Period CO2 due to the activation of neuro-emotional activities are relatively short because it is a temporary compensation mechanism and high emotion gives way to emotional burnout. There is a period of sharp decline in emotsionalnost, which is characterized by apathy, low mood, and emotional emptiness and coldness. This state precedes the period of disease, because the lack of CO2 reaches a critical value and begins to actively influence the course of physiological reactions in the organs of the body. CO2 production is organized at the local level in the organs of the body. Local metabolism of the internal organs increases to compensate for CO2.

it Should be noted that in the development of compensatory mechanisms of CO2 due to the activation of neuro-emotional activities the switch back on muscle CO2 production is difficult. Current lifestyle and addiction to live in high emotionality does not allow fast enough to change the mode of motor activity.

against the background of high emotional activity, stress often formed a habit to consume fast carbs. Fast carbs trigger release of endorphins, allowing you to experience emotional feelings in a positive context. It is known that in conditions of stress formed on the shortage of the CO2 are the people easiest gaining weight. Increased body weight is not only one of the signs of CO2 deficiency in the organism, but sometimes, an insurmountable obstacle to radical changes in the pattern of motor activity.

the Natural result of to start active physical rehabilitation independently is the development of shortness of breath during exercise, provoke the effect of hyperventilation and as a consequence more CO2 washout from the lung of the atmosphere.

Classes in the gravitational environment is not very effective, because provoke hyperventilation as a mechanism of adaptation to the load...gyms, treadmills, etc. Group lessons will blink a little as provoke as well

Program Aqua-Antistress – authoring Sergeev, R. N.

Solution – can be enhanced locomotor activity in the pool, because water and massage effect, and the natural breath holding reflex reduces the NPV, and active physical, muscular activity, which allows you to switch the CO2 production on the natural mechanisms of muscle reproduction.

Earlier, another 50 to 60 years ago, in conditions of naturally high, often involuntary motor activity such psychological mechanism of compensation of insufficiency of CO2 in the body has been described in relation to physical training of persons in the older age categories and was well known to the physiologists of the sport. Modern physical inactivity razed the older generation and the middle age generation categories by identifying similar characteristics of a lack of CO2 production.

the Program Aqua-Stress environment allows compensating the gravity load, without harm to health in the short term to change the program of physical activity and return to the security mechanisms of natural CO2 due to muscle activities.

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