While on vacation and listening to the sounds of the sea watching vivid images of natural phenomena.

Here the clouds roll by and each of them has its own pattern woven from transparent and thin filaments of the celestial ball.
the Sun illuminates them with his energy, and paint start to play creating a range of tones from pale turquoise to deep orange.
Here the clouds down below and the feeling of the connection of the two spaces of heaven and earth together.
What a lovely picture captured in time Forever!
All paintings are painted by skilful pencils, a sense of harmony and tranquility.

So in a person's life story stay on Earth.

From the moment of conception to the transition into the unknown world.

thoughts generated From emotions, and feelings arise.
What will be the pattern on the palm of the person, and how the senses in the activities is a question of morality and personal aspirations.

Some look brand new and with confidence accept the events, others don't see more is small, and therefore feel anger and resentment.
Choose paint based on the perception of certain situations.

Those who happily knows this world, this state of enthusiasm, leading to self-sufficiency and balance.
other more Difficult path, choosing the colors of hostility immersing the person in a feeling of fear, he closes the way to the heights of knowledge of and dips into a deep state of feelings of guilt and grief.

the works of these authors cause regret and sympathy.

After all, those who are confidently moving towards the goal are in harmony and attunement to be in unity with oneself and the surrounding space.
Their pure thoughts and intentions create the painting entitled"Happiness."

And other?

They become indifferent to themselves and what is happening, they are hurt and do not see the color of a magical transformation as divided.
Their picture, sound and vibrate at other frequencies, the wavelengths are not the same with joy.

Everyone writes their unique work and it begins to Shine with individuality achieved heights in the knowledge of themselves and the space that is created by the human mind.

Alduchov Sophia
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