The Pope's message, a psychologist for his daughters


1. Doubt, because the only way you will remain free.
2. Answer blow for blow, and the smile.
3. Do what you like, not what is fashionable, prestigious and much appreciated by others.
4. In any situation be present, because sooner or later still have to be yourself. The sooner the better.
5. Don't listen to the words but watch the actions. Humans invented words to hide the truth.
6. Stop to enjoy the result of their cases is really important.
7. Avoid fellowship with those who are trying to impute to thee the guilt, because by doing so they want power over you.
8. Never lie, neither the little things nor the big. Lie gives temporary relief, but creates internal anxiety because it requires you to be who you really are. Besides, it is always visible.
9. Do not steal and always give back that borrowed from others. Space is always going to charge you many times more in this just trust me - I checked. Resist the small temptation you will pass by many troubles.
10. Growth always goes hand in hand with the pain. Failures, difficulties, and failures - a sure sign that you're on the right track. You calm down, think and make another attempt.
11. Be attentive to what is happening inside you and around. Onset will always show themselves sensations in the body. Impending trouble , too.
12. Watch what you let into yourself. Food, knowledge, words and opinions of others. You can give another person is only what it is filled with itself.
13. Cry when you're sad. Scream if scared. Laugh every time, when given the opportunity.
14. Always finish through to the end. Agreed, dogguy, Golubi.
15. Leave the pursuit of perfection. Do as well and start your new adventure.
16. Several variants appear from the most simple, because he is not able to make you better
17. Love mom, dad and sister. Always. Even if very much them hurt or evil.
18. Compose dreams and stop listening to those who say that this is impossible. While you disagree with this, anything is possible.
19. Never smoke cigarettes.
20. If you do not know how to do something, first figure out your method, then two more.
21. Don't rush to grow up, let the child ends at the time and youth will begin. It's better than it will remind of itself in adult life in not suitable for this situation.
22. Help, when we ask you to, but don't do for others. Show some mercy and let the man have the experience of failure, because only through overcoming it will be better.
23. Gratefully accept all that gives you life, no matter how you will appreciate it, good or bad-it will be exactly what you need at the moment.
24. The most beautiful thing that can happen in your life is true love, she would be the cause of the most severe pain.
25. All that is not said, that does not exist. No one can read your mind.
26. Everything that happens in your life is the result made thee of choice in the past. Always think about the possible consequences.
27. Pain wants to be felt. When her message is heard-the pain will go away.
28. Do not be afraid. Letting fear into your life, you make him the master of his life and he will definitely become a reality.
29. Learn always and everyone, as you need to do and how to do it.
30. You are the biggest love of my life.
31. Don't promise something you can not do, as it did not want to give up hope. And do be very careful with hope in the beginning of her inaction.
32. Everything passes, and great joy and great pain.
33. You always have time to think. Never take decisions under the influence of emotions - they are bad advisers.
34. Listen to the signs in your way. The universe will always lead you to the desired if you are careful enough.
35. Each new day is an opportunity to change your life.
36. Think well how to spend their time - it is priceless.
37. Know thyself. It will take the whole life, and this is its main meaning.

Andrei Nesterenko
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