Until very recently, our ancestors believed that the mind lives in the heart, and some ancient scientists believed that the brain needed for cooling of blood in the body. In principle, given how we sometimes use our brains – we can say that they were far from the truth. But how to find their whim? Where exactly does she live? In the heart, brain, breath?

to trap their whim – something self-realization, will make you a specific exercise: analyze your core classes and find something among them that cannot be explained rationally, but you are somehow like. Typically, these actions have nothing to do with social activities or earning money. Therefore, they are often considered a pastime of losers, losers. For example, you like to collect stones on the river or sea is the song of fallen leaves or photograph of municipal garbage. Find something - what you have there is a tendency, but it is likely that you feel embarrassed – because it is neither a profession, nor even a solid class, a whim of some sort.

do you have a secret box where you collected school years, all sorts of things-dryuchki that were not wanted, but you seemed so cool? Take it out, examine the contents. After all, perhaps, it was here among the crop of these artifacts and hiding your folly – your entry point into the Inner Chambers. And these baubles, keys and glasses is a secret access code. Secret because only you know what the internal doors are opened via these keys. And, most importantly, which can be accessed by logging in to these hidden labyrinths of your soul.

When I thought about what I like to do, but that at first glance makes no sense, I began to record these actions. And it turned out that I like many practices, which I wrote more than 200 pieces. It turned out that most of all I love the contemplation and observation, survival and fulfillment, listening, silence and finding peace... And then I called them Taoist practices, because they were related to interaction with different elements:

  • With the earth, mountains and stones
  • trees and plants
  • water
  • fire
  • metal
  • the sky

here are just some of the practices I have used:

  • the study of the properties of fogs and rains.
  • Hiking to the origins of the sources.
  • Bathing in the icy water of mountainous karstic lake on the altitude 2000m.
  • watching melts the morning mist.
  • rafting.
  • the Rustling of the morning with frost on the grass.
  • a visit to the waterfalls, gorges, caves, dolmens of primitive man.
  • Construction Workshop from natural stones.
  • the study of the properties of the clubs of road dust.
  • Creation of ceramic sculptures.
  • Prepare tea from mountain herbs.
  • a Search of driftwood on the riverbank.
  • admiring the exposed tree roots.
  • Contemplation of the trajectory of the falling autumn leaves.
  • Construction of wooden houses.
  • Firing ceramics in a wood kiln.
  • Observation of the flight of sparks against the starry sky.
  • driving in the fog on a mountain road.
  • Observation of the Ecliptic: the path of advance of the sun across the sky in different seasons.
  • Watch for falling stars, satellites and flying aircraft in the night sky.
  • admiring the stars and the Milky way inside the mountain gorge.
  • admiring the waterfalls and wild rocks rubble.
  • Observation of lightning in different parts of the sky.
  • the Contemplation of the appearance autumn cobwebs on the branches.
  • Observation of hares running in front of the car.
  • Observation of "solar tornadoes" rising from the puddles under the morning sun.

  • Walk on the wild bear trails.
  • Prolezanie through, over and under fallen trees.
  • the Passage through the thickets 2-3 m of nettle.
  • Creeping through the cave passages, machined water.
  • Prolezanie on all fours under the snow bridge 30 meters high in the wild canyon.
  • the Passage at the bottom of a mountain canyon with a depth of 700m.
  • Perekachivanie roaring bulls.
  • Crowing and flapping in the mountain Hiking to scare off bears.
  • the Study of horizontal, vertical and inclined position of the body.
  • the Practice of silence of varying duration.
  • looking at twilight.
  • self feeding the mind.
  • Enjoy the coolness before and after a hot day.

All these activities don't pay and they can seem pointless outside person. But this is my present whim. That is self-realization. I put myself in different contexts of life and interact with the Universe in many manifestations available to me. And from this arises the pure bliss. Bliss as a form of grace that is given to us from above, from Space, from the dancers of the elements of the Universe.

the World around us is vibration. It is the energy of interaction and participation. Contemplation of anything is a very active participation, complicity. In this great undertaking without symptoms. This changing environment through understanding and awareness. To present to the world and to be included in it – must be able to see. The vision is the act through inaction. If you saw, then realized I found the meaning. If you see and comprehend the world around you is self-sufficient activities, because you attain understanding, understanding – that you feel much more included and integrated into the world than if you're in an active action with a low semantic load.

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