Everyone is practicing their own happiness in their own way.

Despite the fact that happiness is a universal category and all the desired state, it's at everyone. And we choose different paths to achieve it. Sometimes very long and difficult. And sometimes, on the contrary – like in the pursuit for happiness, we forget to notice yourself this important next.

People who come to counseling, one way or another looking for happiness. Want to get rid of emotional pain, solve their problems, to build relationships. To find love, meaning. To improve the quality of life. And in the end become happier.

once my teacher told me : "Being happy is your responsibility". I'm trying very hard. Think I've got it. Although it was not always so. I have something to share and have an interest in further study of this path. For this I made hot topics and ideas for their practical development. And effective and already tested me format psychological workshop.

What is psychological workshop?

This is a very interesting and rich way of getting new experience, combining elements of the psychological group, with its group dynamics and attention and interest to each other, the seminar with its information part and practical tasks, creative exercises and a psycho.

Psychological workshop integrates methods of different directions. It's living some experience that's impossible to get alone, just reading about this article or book or making yourself any exercise. It is primarily a group process. Each member is important and brings its own contribution, your interest and your topic relevant at this moment in this situation, in this context. Each meeting focused on one theme, which we referred to in the title, and personal needs of participants are refracted and detected in the subject, forming a General and unique space groups. Usually every workshop we conduct some of the Central practical exercise around which to build discussion.

One of the theoretical foundations of the process and the result is the paradoxical theory of change Arnold Beisser. "Change occurs when one becomes what he is, really, not when he tries to become what he isn't." in short: Awareness is enough to change!

the First meeting workshop will be held on Sunday, may 6, from 12:00 - 14:00 at Green School, Gorky Park.

the first meeting: "revolutionary ROAD".

"there Comes a time when a desire for change harder to ignore. But there's always another side – the part of our personality that does not want to change. What is the cause of procrastination? How to adapt to changes in the family, love, work? How to afford to assign a value to an existing and not to strive to live up to expectations?"

Important information: if you come with your child!

If the baby is small, he can attend the lesson with you. The older kids can play in the spacious game room under the supervision of experienced nannies.

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Maria Maksimova
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