a love Dream one of the most powerful motive forces of man and, at the same time, the biggest illusion. We dream to meet one, fall in love and enjoy the Zen of high emotions for the rest of their days. A kind of guarantee of eternal happiness and emotional security. In our imagination of ideal relationship can unfold in the most magical way, imagination saturated with movies and books, stories and myths about how "they lived happily and died in one day". br>
Real intimacy with another person is a path into the unknown, deep, sometimes dark and even destructive. Contact with Others on the edge of the senses are a direct path to our unconscious with its unknown qualities and conditions. Love is a call to grow, to let go of all the excess, haunting us for past habits. It is the desire to follow new paths and to choose the unusual still of the strategy and turns. Love unexplored areas and not tourist-researched, described on the map and the road well-trodden. Attempts to fit the relationships established and familiar order of things hinder the development of deep resources, the discovery of which is the main mystery and treasure relationships "on the wave of these feelings". br>
the course of true love for those who dare to enter it all by itself, requires a revival of faith and courage. Our resistance to change prevents to pass this way. We continue to be in hibernation, plunging into frustration, anger, resentment, if something goes not as planned. Sometimes choose loneliness. Fear prevents to choose the unknown and we cling to the idea of turning the relationship into an inviolable fortress, protecting us from the impermanence, uncertainty and future changes. We cling to the idea of comfort and absolute security, cutting off from ourselves the opportunity for development which at first glance often look very ugly and a fairy tale is not similar. br>
Relationship based on love and trust lead us to those places within ourselves where we until now has avoided direct, open contact with life. The perception of love as the Path gives us the practice to use every difficulty, every conflict as an opportunity to move deeper into themselves, to establish a deeper connection with oneself, partner and the true nature of life. br>
In contrast, the infantile dream that love will solve all of our problems, get rid of fears, will put an end to difficulties and suffering, will give indestructible happiness and safety leads us into a deeper hibernation, get out of that is scary, painful and not desirable. But to live life to the fullest and embark on the Path of real feelings, you need to have access to a range of human qualities and States, to try their whole range in color, taste and smell, to touch to any experience and to be fully present in everything that arises. Because it is real. br>
We need a special sensitivity to be pierced by the reality, the courage to break through the circumstances, the patience to allow yourself and the other person be themselves. We will use humor, bravery, fury, perseverance, sensitivity, gentleness and compassion, discipline and ease. We need all the faces all poles to feel like a man in the fullness of its possibilities. And then we'll be able to feel true love.

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